Kerry Katona Dropped by Iceland

Former ‘Atomic Kitten’ girlband member Kerry Katona has been dropped as the face of Iceland after 4 years. She has been caught on video snorting drugs, allegedly cocaine, at her home. Iceland are concerned that their customers will cause an uproar if Katona is allowed to stay, especially as the brand is very family orientated. The slogan ‘That’s why mum’s go to Iceland’ represents a clean and wholesome image – something that Katona has not been associated with for a long time.

The former reality TV star was fired from her £250,000 per year deal with the store, and now friends are seriously concerned about Katona’s finances. She was declared as bankrupt last year, and this was her only major source of income. It has been reported that Kerry’s daughters were in the house at the time that she took the drugs; she has been infamous in the past for drug and alcohol abuse.

Iceland have stood by Kerry in the past during times of personal problems, but they feel it is no longer possible to work with her in light of the latest revelations. Kerry, who is a mum to four, suffers from bipolar disorder. She is said to be going through a rough patch at the moment, and previous TV appearances have showed her behaving oddly – everything from a tearful depression to hyperactivity.

Kerry is said to be “inconsolable” over the news, and she was also distraught last month when her husband Mark allegedly requested a divorce. Their relationship has been widely publicised throughout and has always looked to be rocky. However, other reports suggest that the family will be taking a holiday to Tenerife together.

Kerry has already filmed the advertisments for Iceland’s Christmas campaigns, but these will be scrapped and refilmed without her. Katona is not the only celebrity to have been caught in cocaine scandal and lost contracts as a result of it; not long ago, supermodel Kate Moss was photographed with white powder around her nose. Drugs are a problem that affect the lives of all kinds of people, from business men to London escorts and young people. Many know a friend or relative who struggles with drug abuse, and it often affects their work.

Kerry Katona will need to clean up her act if she wishes to continue living as a celebrity; however after the many complaints that Iceland received about her, it would seem that her fanbase is dwindling.