Mel Gibson’s Tirades Uncovered

Over recent years, Mel Gibson has appeared more and more unstable in the media and the press. He was charged with drink driving, and verbally abused some police officers with anti-semitic comments that were completely uncalled for. Some put it down to too much booze; for years Mel Gibson has been a household name and a beloved actor – many of our American escorts used to be big fans. It was difficult to accept that he is not the kind of man we all thought he was, but recent events have forced his aggressive nature into the spotlight.

Most recently, there have been a lot of issues with his ex girlfriend, Russian singer and pianist Oksana Grigorieva. She is the mother of their 8 month old daughter, Lucia. Gibson also has seven more children with his ex wife Robyn Moore, who he was married to for almost 30 years. That couple split due to “irreconcilable differences”, and it wasn’t long before Mel shacked up with Oksana.

The couple are now locked in a custody battle which has turned sour; Oksana claims that Gibson has been violent towards her, hitting her in the face and knocking out one of her teeth, while she was holding their young baby. Tapes have allegedly been recorded of the pair’s disputes, and show Mel’s racist tirades against his ex girlfriend; on punching her in the face, he responded with “You f**king deserved it”. He also told her that she looked like “a pig in heat” and said that it was her own fault if she got raped by a “pack of n***ers” due to the way she dressed. Apparently, Oksana also has photos of her battered face with black eyes, said to be inflicted by Gibson.

Miss Grigorieva, who used to be married to Bond actor Timothy Dalton, has filed a restraining order against Gibson. He allegedly offered her £13 million to keep the recordings quiet, but she refused this offer. It would have meant that she had to split custody of her daughter – something she is not prepared to do. Now the tapes have been leaked onto the internet and you can hear all of his expletives, his threats and his racist comments. It surely means the end of Gibson’s career – he has now offended most minorities and has isolated himself from his friends.

Today, it has emerged that Mel is seeking therapy so that he can “extricate himself from this unhealthy relationship peacefully and calmly”.