Michael Jackson Died of an Overdose

The news has broken today that the real cause of Michael Jackson’s death was a lethal combination of drugs administered by his personal physician. It is likely that criminal charges will be bought against the doctor for manslaughter. This is different to homicide, as it is without premeditation or malicious intent.

The County coroner in Los Angeles determined that Jackson had died of a fatal combination of drugs. The main factor was Propofol, a powerful anaesthetic that he was using to help him sleep; it is reported that Jackson had been suffering from insomnia and had been treated for this for the last few weeks by his personal physician, cardiologist Dr. Conrad Murray. The toxicology report showed that the drug was mixed with at least two other types of sedatives that had also been administered. Other substances were also detected but were not believed to have played a part in Jackson’s death.

Doctor Murray describes how he had been treating Jackson with Propofol, a drug that is used in the operating room. It was a milky appearance and causes brief amnesia of the immediate past with a gentle awakening. Murray had become concerned that Jackson was developing an addiction to the drug so he tried to wean him off it gradually; he cut the dose from 50 down to 25 milligrams and added two other sedatives: midazolam and lorazepam. On the two days leading up to Jackson’s death, he had been given these two sedatives without Propofol, but on the night of his death they did not seem to be working. After several failed attempts at hourly doses, Jackson started to demand to be given Propofol, and eventually Doctor Murray agreed. The drug was injected intravenously; apparently, other doctors had prescribed this to Jackson before.

There is some speculation about the account given to police by Doctor Murray. He claims that he monitored Jackson for 10 minutes after administering the drug, then left the room to go to the bathroom. When he returned it was approximately 11am and Jackson had stopped breathing. Murray tried using CPR to resuscitate him, to no avail. He also tried giving him another drug to reverse the effects of the sedatives. Cellphone records show that Doctor Murray made 3 separate phone calls starting from 11.18pm; he called for Jackson’s personal assistant requesting for security to be sent upstairs. When nobody came, he called for the chef to send Prince Jackson up instead – Michael Jackson’s eldest son. Murray says that he continued to perform CPR until paramedics arrived. Jackson was pronounced dead on 25th June 2009 at the UCLA Medical Center, aged 50 years old.

The singer had inspired many singers, dancers, model escorts and those in performing arts industry during his years reigning as King of Pop.