The New Doctor Who is Born


By now, any Doctor Who fans are used to the main character regenerating. Some die hard fans cannot get used to the new special effects and sexy assistants, but the series was brought back to life by Russell T Davis when he introduced the Northern incarnation of the Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston. He then gave way to David Tennant who won hoards of female fans (including our Marble Arch escorts) due to his flamboyant charisma, and many were sad to see him go.

This weekend, we saw the introduction of the youngest Doctor yet, played by 27 year old Matt Smith. He had some big shoes to fill, and with Steven Moffat taking over from Russell T Davis there was concern that the show’s dynamic would change altogether and lose the essence that made it what it was. Tennant fans were the crowd that would be the hardest to win over, as they resented any man who took his place. However, the first show aired this Saturday seems to have received good reviews, against all odds.

Sci fi fans have been following Doctor Who since it first aired in 1963; back then, the graphics were of a much lower standard but it still managed to terrify young boys causing them to hide behind their sofas. It ran until 1989 casting various different male actors to play ‘The Doctor’. The programme successfully relaunched in 2005 making it the most successful sci fi series in the world.

Matt Smith is the 11th actor to play ‘The Doctor’, and the famous role comes with an enormous amount of pressure. To play the Time Lord, you must be intelligent, witty, charismatic and exciting. Miraculously, Smith seems to have pulled this off, with the help of his new assistant ‘Amy Pond’ played by Scottish redhead Karen Gillan. Smith got off to a bad start with his opening line when taking over from Tenant, claiming “I’m still not ginger!” which offended many red haired watchers. He managed to win viewers over in this first episode, balancing just the right amount of charm and humour.

Nobody expected this to work; surely a man that young couldn’t play an alien that old and wise. But an astonishing amount of reviews have been very popular, with around 8 millions viewers tuning in for the BBC airing. The TV critics have been kind and have taken an immediate liking to both Smith and Gillam. Hopefully they will continue to satisfy the show’s devoted fan base!