Thousands of Complaints for Jedward

When the current series of X Factor started, we all laughed at the daft twins, John and Edward Grimes. The identical pair couldn’t sing, couldn’t dance and seemed full of themselves. Simon Cowell called them “so annoying that they need sedating”, and their overconfidence wasn’t convincing anyone – except Louis Walsh.

The Irish music mogul specialises with pop groups, namely boy bands. In the past he has managed top acts Boyzone and Westlife, and saw something in the dreadful duo that put pound signs in his eyes. It would seem that he was right since John and Edward, nicknamed ‘Jedward’, have been in the bottom two three times, but survived the public vote every time. Thousands of teenage girls have developed insane crushes on the boys; over the school half term, they gathered outside the X Factor house hoping to catch a glimpse of them. Beatles style mania overtook the mob with girls in tears, swooning and screaming for Jedward. Even some of our Notting Hill Gate Escorts think that they are cute!

However, John and Edward still have a large amount of haters in the UK. The public are well aware that they lack any talent, and other contestants are more deserving to be in the competition. On Saturday night, Simon Cowell could have ended their journey – after all, he has been slating them throughout the competition. But instead, he chose to give the final vote to the public, who saved the twins. The judges had given the acts two votes each, making it deadlock. This then automatically goes back to the public vote. Welsh songstress Lucie Jones was forced to leave the competition, despite being one of the strongest singers in the final of the X Factor.

This decision caused outrage amongst the public, and Ofcom have confirmed that thousands of complaints have been logged about this decision. They are looking into whether ITV broke any broadcasting rules on Sunday evening, but it was in the public’s power to save Lucie Jones. Unfortunately for her, Jedward’s fan base were the ones who picked up the phone and saved their favourite acts.

Some fans of the show are so upset with Simon Cowell’s decision that they have vowed to stop watching the X Factor from now on. He proved to the nation that he is more interested in a marketable product than in real talent, and many have lost respect for him. He had previously said that it would be a “disaster” if John and Edward won the show, but it would seem that their popularity has swayed him.