Victoria Beckham Provokes Talks About Her Skinny Frame

Leaving her hubby to look after three boys, Victoria Beckham joined the London Fashion Week to promote her own new fashion label. Looking even thinner than usual, her incredibly gaunt figure caused talks and critics about her weight. Spectators claimed that she was trying to compete with the catwalk models with her skinny frames and orange tan. With her passion for fashion and an ambition for business, Victoria launched her own fashion collection, and flaunted the new collection at New York’s Fashion Week earlier this month.

Now back home in London, Mrs Beckham was seen busy networking with super models Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell. After unveiling her new collection, Victoria’s new range had won critical acclaim. She is now trying to fit into the fashion world as a designer, busy mingling with the most well known individuals. She flew in from LA, arriving at the party in a little bandeau style mini dress from her own design range, taking photos with super models and stealing chats with well known individuals from the industry.

Starting her career in the 90s as Posh Spice in the girl band ‘Spice girls’, Victoria Beckham had openly admitted that she could not sing despite the big success of the band. Now at the age of 35, married to one of the most desired man in the world with three kids, Victoria has set her mind on making it big in the fashion world. Before she and the family moved to L.A, her daily activities were always the most talked about topics amongst the London social scenes. Many working mothers, house wives, and young professionals, independent escorts , and even students envy her fairy tale wedding and her luxurious lifestyle. Her marriage to one of the most well known football players had broken every girl’s heart all around the world. And despite all the critics about her anorexic looking frame and her snobby attitude, Victoria Beckham continues to make headlines in the showbiz world.