Wayne Rooney’s Love for Escort Girls

It would seem that premiership football players cannot stay away from sexy escort girls – regardless of whether they’re married, in a relationship or single! The last year has been littered with tabloid stories of their infidelities, most of which have turned out to be true. The latest accusation is against Wayne Rooney, who is thought to have slept with the same escort seven times while his wife, Coleen, was pregnant with their son, Kai.

This isn’t the first time that Rooney has been caught bedding an escort; at the age of 16, when he was in a relationship with his school sweetheart Coleen, he was accused of sleeping with an older woman at a massage parlour. Coleen forgave him this time, and went on to become his wife. However, this time, it wasn’t a one off. 21 year old Jennifer Thompson has described how Rooney “chased” her, bombarding her with texts and calls. She advertises herself as ‘juicy Jen’ and is said to make £1200 per night. Jennifer is well known for latching on to celebrities, including soap stars and sportsmen. Her image very clearly portrays a wannabe WAG, and she has allegedly slept with no less than 13 premiership footballers.

At the moment, Wayne Rooney does not appear to show regret for his actions or fear that his wife may leave him. He is leaving his problems off the pitch, continuing to play in the Euro 2012 qualifiers; the next match is against Switzerland. Fabio Capello and team Captain Steven Gerrard have shown their support for Rooney, believing that he is in a good state of mind to deliver. They understand that his profession should be kept separate from his private life and that it will not affect his game. Celebrity publicist Max Clifford has also spoken out, claiming that these allegations will not damage his advertising sponsorships. However, this is uncertain – his reputation is in the gutter, and Rooney will no longer be seen as a family man. Judging by comments from the general public, the footballer will now have a lot of enemies.

Coleen is not viewed in the same way as other WAGs; she did not chase Wayne after he got rich and famous. The pair have been together since school, and she has maintained a good reputation throughout his career. Most are advising that she leaves him and moves on – she has made a name for herself and doesn’t need his money. At lease that would leave him free to bed all the escorts he wants!