Footballer Convicted of Assaulting a Woman

Marlon King had denied the charges against him this week, of punching a 20 year old girl in the face after she rejected his advances. He claimed that it was a case of mistaken identity.

The girl involved suffered a broken nose, black eye and split lip. The punch was enough to knock her to the ground, and there were several witnesses who claimed to recognise King due to his celebrity status as a Premier League footballer for Wigan Athletic. At the time of the incident, he was on loan to Hull City.

In court, she described how he had tried to chat her up, grabbing her bottom and bragging about being a millionaire. He was said to be “arrogant”, and became angered when she rejected his advances. King admitted to being in the nightclub that evening; he was out celebrating the news of his wife’s pregnancy with their third baby.

King was declared guilty of Actual Bodily Harm, sexual assault and signed onto the Sex Offenders Register, and was sentenced to an 18 month custodial sentence. After this verdict, it was revealed that he already has a backlog of 13 previous convictions including robbery and assault; most of these he had managed to get away with.

King’s agent, Tony Finnegan, says that King is still protesting his innocence and intends to appeal against his sentence. However, the footballer has a previous conviction of violence against women; the only previous offence he has been jailed for is receiving a stolen car. Other times he has been let off with community service and fines. His unsavoury character is now becoming public knowledge and it is likely to have a very negative effect on his footballing career.

King’s football club have said that he is definitely sacked, but Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger thinks that the player still has a chance when he has served his time. He thinks that the crime had nothing to do with his profession, and if another club wants to sign him afterwards then they will.

When our Soho Escorts were asked what they thought of the incident that took place in their local area, they were shocked and disgusted that King would abuse a woman in this way. If it was indeed him, no amount of money or arrogance gives him the right to raise his fist to anybody – especially a slightly built female.