Man Arrested in Milly’s Murderer Case

It has been seven years since Milly Dowler disappeared on her way home from school in Surrey. The nation was gripped as a search went underway in her home town of Walton on Thames, but her body was not found until six months later in Yateley Heath, Hampshire.

Milly was just 13 years old when she was murdered. The 40 year old man who has been arrested is from the West London area, though he is thought not to have had direct involvement in the murder. A red Daewoo Nexia car was disposed of in the area and he is being questioned about the details. The police had appealed for information about the car after it was caught on CCTV camera and became a subject in the investigation; the man attended the police station voluntarily this morning.

The investigation is still currently unsolved; this new information surfaced after a fresh appeal was launched concerning the red Daewoo Nexiby detectives in 2008. The police have indicated that no criminal charges will be bought against the man in question.

Levi Bellfield, who is a convicted killer, has been linked to the Milly Dowler case. He is currently in jail for the murder of two other young women after being sentenced last year. Bellfield’s then girlfriend, Emma Mills, drove a car of the same model and colour at the time that Milly disappeared; he has since admitted that he was driving it on the day of the incident during a newspaper interview.

The car was reported as stolen a few days later but never materialised, despite thorough searches by the police. They suspect it was crushed by a scrap dealer.

A car with the same description was under investigation the previous day when a 12 year old girl was offered a lift home by a stranger.

Bellfield, now 41, is a former nightclub bouncer and a wheel clamper. He was arrested and questioned over Milly’s disappearance, then was given a whole life sentence for killing Marsha McDonnell, 19, and Amelie Delagrange, 22; he bludgeoned them to death after they got off buses in South West London. He was found guilty of trying to kill Kate Sheedy too, who was 18 at the time.

Everyone must be diligent to prevent crimes like this happening again; even London escorts are weary about accepting a lift from a stranger.