British Passports Used in Dubai Killing

The British Foreign Office has flatly dismissed reports that they had prior knowledge of the Israeli plans to assassinate a Senior Official of Hamas, the Palestinian group.

When the news broke this week of the assassination in Dubai, it sounded more like a movie plot than real life. Last month, British passports were forged to use in a secret service case that resulted in a man being assassinated. ‘Mossad’ are the Israeli secret service believed to be responsible; it has been suggested that they had informed the British government about complications with an unspecified “overseas operation” while using the British passports. However there was no information given on who the target was, or where the operation would take place.

The real owners of these identities were horrified to learn that their names had been implicated in a murder without their knowledge or consent.

A spokesperson for the foreign office has completely denied that the British government had any information regarding this operation in advance. They received details about the British passports last Monday, not long before the police conference in Dubai. The next day they were able to confirm the authenticity of the passports and respond the the Dubai authorities. The head of the Dubai police, Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, admitted that he had not immediately contacted any embassies after the incident occured. He wanted to complete a proper investigation before releasing details, so the embassies were contacted a short time before the identities of the suspects were involved.

The Hamas official who was murdered was Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, and the incident occured one month ago today on 19th January 2010. He was supposedly responsible for killing two Israeli soldiers, was an arms smuggler and also was in charge of the secret Islamist organisation’s relationship with Iran. Interpol, the international police agency, have issued warrants for the arrests of the men who used the cloned passports.

Mossad used to have a reputation for being one of the world’s best secret services. Instead of being seen as murderers, they would instead conjure up images of James Bond (but perhaps not making our London escorts swoon quite so much)! However, the use of fake passports has dragged Britain into the headlines surrounding the operation. Now the Palestinian Islamist movement is vowing to have revenge, so there is likely to be even more bloodshed to come.