Apology Over England Goal

Millions of Brits had their hearts broken on Sunday as the England squad came crashing out of the World Cup tournament, officially losing 4 -1 to Germany – our worst result in the World Cup history so far. However, there was outrage as the referee denied us our second goal in the game, which would have been the equaliser.

By half time, Germany were in the lead with 2 -1, and many English viewers were frustrated that their team didn’t seem to be performing to their full ability (again). However, when Frank Lampard shot the ball towards the goal, a hopeful uproar arose again; it hit the bar, then bounced clearly behind the goal line. This could be seen by camera replays, but at the time the referee was not in a position to see where the ball had landed; for this reason, he did not allow the goal, claiming that it had not crossed the line.

Naturally, the England squad were very upset about this injustice. Whether they would have got their act together and played better for the rest of the second half had their confidence been restored with this equalising goal, we’ll never know.

Today, FIFA President Sepp Blatter announced that he had personally apologised to the England for the referees error; their goal had clearly been legitimate. Replays show that the ball landed more than a foot behind the goal line, with Blatter expressing his “distress” at the mistakes made by the referees in the world’s greatest football tournament.

Another grave mistake was when Argentina were awarded a goal against Mexico, despite the scoring player, Carlos Tevez, being obviously offside. This was replayed on the video screens, although the operators had been strictly instructed not to air any controversial decisions during the games of the world cup tournament. This sparked outrage in the Mexican players who had their suspicions confirmed in front of millions of viewers. Our Mexican escorts were screaming at the television! Blatter also issued an apology to Mexico for this oversight.

Although it was all very well for England supporters to be outraged, the sad fact of the matter is that even if we had been allowed the goal against Germany, we still lost fair and square. Only just scraping through to the second round, this is where the journey ends for England in the World Cup 2010.