Boy Stabbed to Death at Party

Another tragic death has occurred after a teenage boy was stabbed outside a birthday party. This is the latest in a string of knife related crimes to take place in Britain, with the death toll constantly rising. The incident happened in Croydon, South London, near an athletics stadium. It has put fear into our Croydon escorts , knowing that this dangerous knife culture is active in their home area.

The victim, Wesley Sterling, was just 16 years old when he was killed. He had been at a 16th birthday party that he was thought to have gatecrashed, and Police were called after midnight when a disturbance was reported. The boy was found with serious injuries to the chest, as a result of repeated stabbings. He was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

Wesley was known by the nickname ‘Solem’ to those who knew him. He was found in a walkway nearby the Croydon Sports arena. He had apparently been with 5 other youths when they tried to gatecrash the party being held at the venue.

A 15 year old boy is being held at a Police station in South London on suspicion of carrying an offensive weapon and of murder. Sterling’s murder makes the 8th teenager dead since the start of 2010; it is worrying how prominent knife crime has become in the youth and gang culture.

Sterling was obviously a very popular boy; around 50 young people gathered around the Sports Arena where he died to stand in silence. None of them were willing to comment on the events of the previous evening when Sterling had been stabbed. Flowers and balloons have been left at the spot by mourners to mark his death.

Police are appealing for information on the incident; up to 8 males were seen with Sterling on the night he died, and the incident was thought to have happened after 11pm. He had not been invited to the party in the Sports arena, and the reason for the boys being in the area is unknown.

The number of teenage deaths in London is devastating; it hit an all time high in 2008 when 28 youths lost their lives. Many of the attacks have been either gang related or racially motivated. Often, parents have no idea that their children are mixed up in a bad crowd and don’t find out until it’s too late.