Boys Aged 10 and 12 Guilty of Horrific Attack

Two young brothers aged just 10 and 12 years old have admitted today that they are responsible for a horrific attack on two other boys, aged 9 and 11. The elder was the uncle of the younger boy. During the brutal attack, they sexually assaulted and robbed their victims.

The attackers cannot be named for legal reasons, but they are known to have been in foster care with a family in Edlington at the time of the incident. They lured the younger boys into some parkland in the area on April 4th earlier this year. The site was a former pit village in South Yorkshire, near Doncaster.

The brother’s case was sent to be tried at Sheffield Crown Court in the adult judicial system. They both admitted to “grievous bodily harm with intent”, forced a young child to engage in sexual acts and also robbery. The prosecutor Nicholas Campbell QC called these offences “grave crimes”.

The boys also separately admitted another assault on a different 11 year old boy, which took place on March 28th.

The people of Edlington and the rest of the United Kingdom have been deeply shocked by these revelations. Comparisons have been drawn to the 10 year old murderers Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, who killed two year old James Bulger in 1993. It is difficult to believe that children so young are capable of such violent crimes.

Questions have since been raised about Doncaster Council’s Children’s Department; it was taken over by a new management team just a month before the attack; the new team was Westminster appointed and imposed after a series of case reviews. Seven babies and children in the area had died over the last five years which prompted the reviews.

Critics have said that the brothers should have been in secure care instead of with a foster family, following several complaints about their behaviour.

When the victims were found, the younger was wandering through Edlington with a deep cut on his arm down to the bone, blood on his face and he was said to be in a traumatised state. The elder was found shortly afterwards at the bottom of a ravine; he was half naked and unconscious.

This saddening story goes to show that we should all be vigilant in keeping safe; some groups such as women, children and London escorts are at a higher risk than others but everyone should be equally conscientious.