Flamboyant Funeral Procession for McLaren


Our North London escorts have been lining the streets of Camden today as a flamboyant funeral procession took place for Punk legend, Malcolm McLaren. He was most famous for discovering the Sex Pistols, and also has a child with fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. McLaren sadly lost his battle to cancer earlier this month, as reported by V London Escorts. He was in Switzerland at the time of his death, but is known throughout the world for being a true Londoner.

The procession was heading to Highgate Cemetery for the punk manager’s funeral, but this was far from a quiet affair – just as he would have wanted it. Written on McLaren’s coffin was one of his infamous phrases, once the name of his shop on Kings Road: “Too Fast to Live Too Young to Die.” Four black horses in traditional funeral attire pulled the coffin as it arrived at Camden Town; in front, a car spelled out the words “Cash from chaos” in flowers.

While the funeral procession passed, shop keepers and stall holders in Camden stopped their work to watch on; hundreds of fans and well wishers turned out to pay their respects, filling the area. Camden was a hectic place to be, so hopefully everyone was informed what was happening – otherwise they will have been very confused!

At the back of the procession (behind the hearse) was a bus, it’s destination labelled ‘Nowhere’. From the bus, speakers were blaring out punk anthems at top volume. Revellers filled the bus, with many jumping on the back as it crawled along the streets. The escorts in North London preferred to watch from a distance, but it was apparent that a lot of McLaren’s fans weren’t afraid to get involved and cause a bit of anarchy.

Although the funeral service itself was a private affair, McLaren’s family encouraged any fans to get involved in the day’s events by participating in the “minute of mayhem”, scheduled for midday. They were asked to play their favourite records all at once, making a noisy mish-mash of punk rock to commemorate the great man.

When speaking to Vivienne Westwood, she explained how she had high hopes for McLaren’s grave stone in Highgate Cemetery. She wants it to become a shrine, much like that of Jim Morrison from The Doors. McLaren influenced a whole generation, inspiring so many people. He will not be forgotten by those whose lives he touched.