Girls self body image

A recent study in Sweden has found that women who are from well educated families are more likely to suffer from eating disorders. The research was carried out on 13 thousand women born between 1952-1989, and the results have shown that girls who have well educated mothers or grandmothers are at higher risks of suffering and being hospitalised from anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

The research did not prove that greater education achievement of the family would lead to eating disorder. However the researchers suggest that family’s education background can have an influence on the expectations for the girls to achieve, which may ultimately lead to pressures that cause mental illness. Girls who have mothers that have a college degree are under a higher pressure to perform well academically in comparison to mothers who only finished elementary school. This is even more obvious if the grandmothers are highly educated too.

It is believed that as these girls feel more pressure to achieve higher academic performances, they tend to develop a higher standard and self expectation, this pressure can then translate into an obsession to succeed. Higher achieving girls are more likely to have personality traits like perfectionism, if combined with low self esteem it can easily turn into unrealistic self demand and distorted self image, which gradually lead to eating disorders.

Similarly, many young women in the UK suffer from anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, and it is believed that girls who achieve higher grades at school may have a higher tendency to suffer from these illnesses. Moreover, the constant promotion from the media of fashion, modelling, and other activities that require women to be physically thin to be perceived as beautiful is sending out a wrong message for many young teenagers. Young females from various industries such as fashion, TV, dancing, London escortsservice, magazine, filming are believed to be too self obsessed with physical appearances.

Not everyone can live happily like ugly Betty. It is important for the UK media to realise the negative effects and the messages they are sending out to the public. A healthy attitude towards body image vs food is necessary for growing adults in the Britain.