Harriet Harman, the Dangerous Driver

Harriet Harman is a name that crops up regularly in the news. As deputy leader for the Labour Party and Minister for Women and Equality, she is known for her strong views and outspoken nature.

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Now 59 year old Ms Harman’s name is in the headlines again after she became the first ever Cabinet Minister to plead guilty to the criminal charges brought against her. Accused of “driving without due care and attention”, she has admitted that she was liable and has been fined £350 with 3 points added to her licence. That brings Ms Harman’s driving licence to a total of 9 points – just 3 away from a driving ban.

The case was tried at the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court, where Ms Harman’s lawyer gave the guilty plea on her behalf. Rather than being present at court during the hearing, Harriet Harman was in a meeting at Downing Street.

The incident happened back in July 2009; Ms Harman was visiting a tower block in Camberwell where there had been a fire causing 6 fatalities. She was said to have backed into a parked car causing a minor collision. A spokesperson for the Minister has said that she “fully accepts the court’s judgement”.

There were some other charges brought against Ms Harman that have now been withdrawn or dropped, such as a charge for her driving whilst using her mobile phone, leaving the scene of an incident without exchanging particulars and failing to report the accident to the Police.

It is not the first time that charges have been brought against politicians – in fact, it seems to be quite a scandalous world. However, every other politician has stood down from their post before they were prosecuted. They are expected to set a good example as these are the leaders of our country, however their lives are constantly in the spotlight and under scrutiny from the media.