Kevin Keegan Awarded Damages

Kevin Keegan has won his case of constructive dismissal against Newcastle Fooball Club, and has been awarded £2 million plus interest. The judging panel agreed that the club were in breach of Keegan’s contract by signing Uruguayan midfielder Ignacio Gonzalez. The sign up was against Keegan’s wishes and lead to him parting from the club in September 2008. It has been agreed that he will not receive any further damages.

Newcastle United is owned by businessman Mike Ashley, who was named in the official report. He and the club have refused to comment on the case, choosing only to publish the report and the panel’s decision. There was also much mention of the Gonzalez transfer (which was completed on Sunday 31st August 2008), as well as details of the relationship between Ashley, Dennis Wise, Tony Jiminez and Keegan.

Kevin Keegan was brought back to St James’ Park for a second spell in January 2008, by owner Mike Ashley. He replaced Sam Allardyce after his contract was terminated. It has been reported that Keegan was offered £3 million per annum, amounting to approximately £25 million for the length of his career in football (working on the assumption that he retired at the age of 65). Ashley’s decision to bring him back went down well with fans; Keegan had previously managed the England team.

Keegan is keen to stress his reasons for the case, stating:

“I also want to confirm that a central purpose of my claim has always been to clear my name and restore my reputation”.

During his latest spell at Newcastle United, Keegan lead the team to 2 victories, 1 draw and 1 defeat. Since he resigned, former vice president Dennis Wise has left in April this year and Tony Jiminez parted in October 2008. Mike Ashley has remained there, although he has had a long standing bid to sell the club.

Although Kevin Keegan appears to have come out of this successful, he did not win as much money as he had hoped for. Compared to the £25 million he hoped to receive due to loss of future earnings, the £2 million in written in his contract in the event of him leaving the club is not much. However, it is still plenty enough to spend as much time with Leicester Square escorts as he desires if he wished to do so!