Killer on the Run

Just a day after Raoul Moat was released from prison for assault, he hunted down his ex girlfriend (also the mother of his baby) and shot her in the stomach. He also killed her new boyfriend Chris Brown, and shot an unarmed police officer the following day. He is now on the run, with forces in Northumbria and the North East searching frantically for this dangerous man.

Staff at Durham Prison has warned police that Moat’s ex girlfriend could be in danger, from threats that had been overheard from the 37 year old convict during his time there. Miss Samantha Stobbart, 22, is now in a stable condition and has made an appeal at a press conference today, pleading with Moat to turn himself in. “If you still love me and our baby, you would not be doing this”.

Moat developed a grudge against the police force when Stobbart told him that her new boyfriend was a policeman, which we can now reveal is untrue. She said this because she was afraid of Moat and his violent temper. Moat has allegedly hand written a letter to the police, as well as making phone calls to them to express his anger against the force. His attack on Pc David Rathband was completely unprovoked; the officer was in his car on a roundabout in Newcastle when Moat fired through his window, shooting him in the face and chest.

Moat used to work as a bouncer at a nightclub and is a weight lifting fanatic. Miss Stobbart, with whom he has had an on/off relationship with for 6 years, has described his mood swings as ‘split personality’. It is thought that steroids could play a part in his wild temper, though this has yet to be proven. If it turns out that he has been using steroids (which are an illegal class 3 drug), it may have fuelled the rage filled shooting rampage he was been on.

Moat has now been on the run for 3 days. Our London escort girls are fearful to have such a dangerous individual on the loose, and are hoping that the police will track him down before he hurts anyone else. Moat is obviously unstable, and poses a risk to the general public as well as the police force while he is still missing. Samantha and some other individuals are currently under police protection.