London Escorts on the Map – at No. 10 Downing Street!

Google are in the bad books of the country’s leaders this week as some information online suggested that London escorts work at number 10, Downing Street.

This Westminster address is where each Prime Minister in the United Kingdom resides, and is a very well known location across the globe with world leaders visiting on occasion.

It has been confirmed that staff at the American owned company, Google, are currently carrying out an investigation into the suggestion on Google Maps that escort girls were working at the prestigious address – suggestions like this could seriously affect number 10’s reputation.

On Google Maps, there is a facility where people can see more information about locations of interest when they double click on the flag pointer. However, it must’ve been a surprise when instead of discovering about the British government, viewers who clicked on the number 10 Downing Street flag were greeted by a photo of a busty blonde escort and details about a London escort agency!

When asked about this entry, Google said that it had been created using their Local Business Centre service; they intend to remove this particular entry as soon as possible.

The agency listed on 10, Downing Street’s address was advertising London Escort Services. When the London escort service was questioned about whether it was them who placed this entry online, they denied it claiming that someone must be playing a joke.

At V London, our Westminster escorts are delighted that this has caused such a stir; it has raised the awareness and profiles of escorts in Westminster and they are hoping that more men will enlist their services from now on.

With so many beautiful women based in the city of London, working as an escort is a very competitive business. It is not our place to speculate whether or not any politicians working in number 10, Downing Street do in fact use escort services, but we do know that many of our clients are professional businessmen. Customers who enjoy the company of beautiful ladies from escort agencies come from all walks of life; some are professionals, some come from wealthy backgrounds and some are working class. But there is one thing that they all have in common: their love for London escorts! And looking at how stunning our V girls are, who can blame them.