More Students Working as London Escorts

New research carried out has shown that escorting is becoming much more common amongst University students in the UK over the last 10 years. If you go back a decade, only 3% of students knew of somebody who worked in the sex trade to help fund their studies. Today, that figure has risen to 25%.

Professor Ron Roberts of Kingston University in London carried out the research looking into the relationship between students and the sex industry, and despite the government insisting that they provide “generous” financial support, many students are still choosing to work on pornographic websites, for erotic chat lines, as London escorts or in strip and lap dancing clubs.

Professor Roberts interviewed hundreds of students to compile his research; 11% of those asked said that they would consider working as escorts, and 16% would consider working in some area of the sex industry. This particular survey was only carried out at a London University, but the Professor also carried out research across the rest of the country and found his results to be reflective of the whole UK – especially more urban areas such as cities.

It has been suggested that the dramatic rise in these figures are due to the increasing sums of student debt from large tuition fees, and the changing attitude towards the sex industry in general. These days it is seen as less taboo, and lap dancing clubs are prolific. The hours can also suit students who have classes during the day and are accustomed to late nights. Bar and restaurant work can be very poorly paid, so the sex industry suddenly looks more appealing for fast cash.

Some escort agencies look specifically for students, because they like their escorts to be well educated and young adults. Students are also more likely to be living and working in the UK legally and are less likely to be victims of pimping or trafficking, which escort agencies strive to avoid.

The National Union of Students have said that if they found students were being pressurised into working in the sex industry by organisations or from large debts, they would be “deeply concerned”. However, it is not seen as a problem by most parties as long as the students are making the lifestyle choice themselves, without being pushed into it by unmanageable debt. There are plenty of other options available, so London escorts should only work in the sex industry if that’s what they want to do!