MPs Under Scrutiny

During recent months, MPs have been under the spotlight due to the release of information regarding their claimed expenses. Many members of the public were outraged that tax payers money was funding non essential items for MPs such as self portraits, dogfood and houses in the country; even £1645 was spent on a floating duck island by one politician. Stories began to leak before the official report was released, which caused the necessity for all of the information to be collated together for the first time.

Today, Parliament rises for the summer with 82 days until the MPs return to the House of Commons. Although they insist that this is not a holiday for them, voters have in fact been asked to keep an eye out for what their local MPs are up to; the campaign group 38 Degrees want to know how much they are working on constituency affairs, as they have claimed they will be doing.

Under such scrutiny, MPs will need to clean up their behaviour. Several have been caught up in scandal and exposed over the years, with stories such as affairs with London escorts emerging. People’s trust for politicians has now hit a low point, and the public will not be pleased if the entire 12 week recess is spent holidaying.

David Babbs, executive director of 38 Degrees, has pointed out that honest, hard working politicians have nothing to worry about. They can use this as a chance to prove to the public that they are doing their job to the best of their ability. There are still many issues that need to be addressed all over the UK, and MPs should be working on resolving these issues whilst building a relationship with the community they represent; this is what they were elected for in the first place.

Members of the public will now be monitoring the activities carried out by MPs during their break; we have all been invited to send photographs and information to 38 Degrees so that they can assess which MPs are fulfilling their roles properly and which ones are taking liberties. All of them are entitled to a holiday, but with a break longer than school holidays, they will also be expected to do some work in their constituency.

We are all wondering what results the latest investigation into the private lives of MPs will show; only time will tell.