New Leader for Labour

New Leader for Labour

Many people were surprised when the Labour party lost the most recent election; for years they have had devoted followers who supported their decisions and left-centre wing policies. The party has been active for over 100 years and was recently in power from 1997 until 2010, under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. During this time, the party lost some support due to decisions about the war in Iraq which is still underway, and also due to problems with immigration and the recession. Some feel these events were just bad luck for the government, but others feel they could have handled these situations much better.

Today, the labour party has elected a new leader, as Gordon Brown had heavily fallen out of favour and stepped down from his post. The race was between brothers David and Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Diane Abbott and Andy Burnham. Although David Miliband is more well known, after a four month battle his younger brother Ed pipped him to the post. This means that he could one day become Prime Minister, if the Labour party were to succeed in future elections.

The West Yorkshire MP Ed Balls has given his full support to the new party leader, and may go for a position as shadow counsellor. David Miliband, who was only beaten by a small majority, also claims to be 100% behind his brother and dismisses claims of sibling rivalry. He has urged the public to get over the “soap opera” rumours, stressing that the Labour party will be “united”. It is currently unknown whether or not David will be in the running for the shadow cabinet. The two brothers have been photographed in public to show their support for each other.

Some of our London escorts are pleased with the results; Ed Miliband has always been a fairly safe and inoffensive character, but it has been said that he lacks charisma. Gordon Brown was often taunted for his monotone voice, so will the new leader have to face the same thing? He will not be in the spotlight as much as Brown was because he is not the Prime Minister; at the moment, there is still a coalition government with David Cameron leading the country.

Only time will tell if Ed Miliband will be successful in his new role as leader of the Labour party. Will he lead them back to victory or be another damaging decision for them?