A New Prime Minister for Great Britain

As had been expected, Gordon Brown officially resigned as the Prime Minister of Great Britain last night. Media and members of the public gathered outside 10 Downing Street as the announcement was eagerly awaited, with live coverage streaming on the news. The Labour Party had taken a blow in the general election leading to a hung parliament, and the nation waited for days for the Liberal Democrats to come to a decision about which party they would side with. Gordon Brown refused to resign until an agreement had been reached, and upon the decision that the Lib Dems would side with the Conservatives, he addressed the public informing us of the new plans for Parliament.

Today, Tory leader David Cameron begins his role as Prime Minister, with Nick Clegg as his deputy. There will be 5 Liberal Democrat seats in the cabinet, which is the first time in 65 years that they will have some power in the government. Many of our Westminster escorts were pleased with this outcome, although there are some loyal Labour supporters who are not happy with the change. The new government have made a lot of promises to get where they are now, but we will have to wait and see how many they follow through.

Politicians are renowned for making false promises; unfortunately, those who are responsible for running our country to not have an honourable reputation. If the Conservative party are able to mend this so called ‘broken Britain’, they may well win the support of those who previously refused to be swayed. Cameron has many Brits still to win over, but a large proportion of UK residents are willing to give him a chance to prove himself.

Some fear that the new coalition government will tear the country apart, giving way to arguments and disagreements within Parliament. However, others believe that this is a good thing; it could give a more fair and balanced view, without all the power in the hands of one party. Negotiations are under way to reach an agreement about the terms of power sharing, so hopefully David Cameron and Nick Clegg will not be too stubborn. If they manage to work together, it could be great news for the United Kingdom.

The news of our new government made every newspaper headline this morning; many are simply relieved that a decision has finally been reached and that Parliament can finally get on with their jobs!