The Night Stalker Back in Court

A serial sex attacker has been remanded in custody this week to appear in court again at a later date.

52 year old Delroy Grant is from Brockley in South East London. He had been preying on defenceless elderly people and attacking them in horrific ways. He would regularly disconnect their electricity and phone lines before breaking into their houses. Named ‘The Night Stalker’, the attacker became known for his technique.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Grant was arrested while returning to his car in Shirley, Croydon. When he appeared at Woolwich Crown Court on Monday, he was charged with 11 burglaries, six indecent assaults and five rapes. He is being questioned by investigators about a large number of other attacks he may have been responsible for and has been ordered to attend court again today.

The Operation Minstead inquiry was set up back in 1997 in an effort to catch the man who was targeting elderly people. They have spent over £100,000 trying to track him down, and had collected 2000 DNA samples. This is the first time someone has been arrested for these crimes – Grant managed to evade capture for almost two decades. The attacks Grant is being held for took place between 1992 and May this year, on pensioners aged between 68 and 93 years of age.

The shocking thing is that Grant is the father of 7 children. His lack of application for bail suggests that he is either very confident or guilty.

It is believed that the Night Stalker is responsible for over 100 attacks on the elderly in South London areas; it will be a relief to many if he is found guilty and locked up. With a reputation of attacking both elderly women and men for 17 years in the same area, many lived in fear of this evil figure. There was no indication of when or where he would strike next.

Although our Orpington Escorts were not intended targets for the Night Stalker, it was still very nerve racking to live in one of the places where a sex attack took place. They will sleep much better safe in the knowledge that he is behind bars should Grant be prosecuted.

Other residents of Brockley, Grant’s home town, are horrified that one of their own neighbours could be capable of such atrocities. Since the arrest, his home has been sectioned off by Police.