Outrage as the BNP are given BBC Airtime

The BNP leader Nick Griffin has been in the news headlines this week due to his forthcoming appearance on the BBC’s Question Time, which will take place tonight.

Many are of the belief that the British National Party are fascists and are just modern day “Nazi’s”, therefore should not be given a public platform to voice their racist views. Others believe in the freedom of speech and are looking forward to what the BNP have to say.

Today, over 30 protesters broke into the BBC and breached security to demonstrate their anti fascism message. They rushed through the main gates of the main broadcasting building in London; police managed to pull around 10 of the protesters out of the car park but another 20 managed to continue into the building where Nick Griffin would be interviewed.

The small gang of protesters were chanting things such as “Nazi scum off the streets” and “BBC shame on you”. Many of the group were from Unite Against Fascism – they claimed that around 60 protesters had successfully gotten inside the BBC building. One man was wrestled to the floor by police.

The demonstration started off quite peacefully, but begun to turn sour around 4.30pm this afternoon. Police tried to strengthen the barrier between the protesters and BBC property and staff, but the crowd outside grew to around 600 people, with numbers expected to grow as the airing gets closer. The protesters were giving out anti fascist leaflets to BBC staff to help get their message across.

Some of the guests arriving to sit in the audience of Question Time had to be escorted into the building by police for their own safety. One of these guests was a 66 year old man from Ealing, Frank Langan. He wanted to hear what Nick Griffin had to say, even if he doesn’t personally agree with it. He believes that the BNP leader has the right to appear on Question Time, the same as any other politician.

The centre of London is very focused on the debate in the city that will continue into the evening, with Paddington Escorts tuning in to see what the BNP leader will reveal in his questioning. The public have very split opinions and both sides feel very strongly, so they are bound to give him a good grilling.