Pressure Mounts Over Phone-Hacking Scandal

David Cameron has come under pressure, to take action against the allegations that The News of World hacked into the telephones, of murder victims and soldiers killed at war. The Prime Minister has expressed his particular disgust at the claims that murdered schoolgirl Miller Dowler’s mobile phone was hacked into, and certain messages deleted. However, despite these allegations and growing public outrage, David Cameron has stated that he must wait until all police enquiries have been carried out before acting.

The call for immediate action has come after The Telegraph printed new allegations, that relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan have also been the victims of phone hacking. The breaking news has led to a number of companies deciding that they will no longer be advertising with The News of the World.

The Services Charity spoke publicly about their shock and The Royal British Legion decided to drop The News of the World as its campaigning partner. The break-up of the partnership comes as the latest blow for the British tabloid who have previously been accused of illegally eavesdropping on the messages of celebrities,footballers, politicians and even members of the Royal Family.

The allegations have left many people outraged and further pressure has mounted upon certain employees to resign. However, despite particular pressure upon Brooks, who heads up the British Newspaper Organisation, Rupert Murdoch has stated that she will not be resigning. Brooks herself, one of the most powerful women in journalism, has claimed that she was completely unaware of the phone hacking.

Both Ed Milliband and deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg are said to be disgusted by all the allegations and fully support the need for a full and thorough investigation. However, Downing Street has still not confirmed whether they will be putting a judge in charge of the hacking inquiry.

The true extent of the hacking scandal is not yet clear, yet more and more allegations seem to be coming to the forefront. Some of the victims families of the 2005 London terrorist attacks, have now been warned that they may have had their phones hacked.

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