Sex in a Car Park

Many of us have tried a bit of al fresco rumpy pumpy at some point in our lives. For most, it goes unnoticed by the public or merely draws a few sniggers. For some it has worse consequences, much as the couple who were arrested in Dubai for having sex on the beach. They were sentenced to 3 months in jail and made an example of, with press coverage revealing their identities to the whole of the United Kingdom.

The latest indiscretion to make the news is a man, 30, and a woman, 26, who were caught engaged in a sexual act in a police car park – in broad daylight! The woman, Leanne Richardson, is a self proclaimed lesbian with a live in female partner, but had met Ross Welsh during his birthday celebrations.

The incident occurred in Portabello, Edinburgh. A member of the public called the police after seeing a naked man; police officers caught them performing a sexual act in a car. Welsh had been on a four day bender, and both of them were under the influence on alcohol.

Richardson said that Welsh was not her type. Although she admitted to having her trousers and underwear pulled down, she insists that it was Welsh coming on to her – not the other way round. She did not know him prior to the incident, and has not seen him since (apart from in court).

Both Welsh and Richardson were fined £200 at Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday, having both admitted to a breach of sexual peace. However, neither name has been added to the sex offenders register as the incident was described as being on the “lower end of the scale”. The register is reserved for more serious offenders.

Richardson is a mother of two, and had turned to alcohol during a time of depression.

The court heard how the couple had been caught at about 4.10pm on 21st April. After being alerted, police were able to see a naked pair of legs in a car and Mr Welsh carrying out a sex act. They asked for him to stop, but Welsh appeared not to hear. It was then that they gently pulled the two apart. It was only then that Miss Richardson realised that they were being watched, and stood up to pull up her trousers. Officers could tell that both of the accused were completely unaware that anyone had observed them up until this point.

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