Snow Causes Nationwide Disruptions

If you’re currently in the UK, you’ve probably noticed a white blanket covering most of the country. It’s hard to miss, especially since the Met Office issued severe weather warnings for the entire country!

The blizzards and Arctic conditions have caused major disruptions on the roads, railways and planes and have caused hundreds of schools to close. Although the children may be delighted by this news, it means more parents have been forced to miss work and stay home, damaging the economy.

The snow blizzards swept across Scotland and Northern England on Tuesday, then moved down across Central and Southern England today. Our London escorts are having to leave plenty of extra time to arrive at appointments, as there are severe delays on some of London’s transport. It has been advised that everyone checks their route beforehand if travelling, and people should only venture out if absolutely necessary.

The Met Office warned that the worst hit places in the UK could see up to 40 centimetres of snow – that’s 16 inches! Areas could include Greater London, the Home Counties and other parts of the South of England. These depths of snow have already been reported across the Scottish borders so the figure is realistic and could materialise by tomorrow bringing the city to a standstill.

When so many people are unable to work due to these weather conditions, the reduction of trade and sales combined with absent employees is very costly to the economy. It is estimated that snow days like this cost the UK economy £600 million per day, and the current conditions could last long enough to cost up to £2 billion altogether. All kinds of industries are disrupted, and now this disruption is nationwide.

If this extreme weather continues, it could cause problems with the country’s power supplies. Concerns have already been voiced over gas and petrol supplies running out, but at present the suppliers are reassuring customers that this will not be the case – only time will tell.

Last night, almost 1000 drivers were trapped in their cars, and London airports such as Heathrow have been forced to cancel many flights. The terminals are still open, but passengers are advised to call the airline before travelling to check if their flight is delayed or cancelled.

Weather forecasters have said that this is the worst cold snap that the country has seen in 30 years; ice and snow are causing dangerous conditions up and down the UK.