Teens Arrested Over Firework Attack

Bonfire night is usually a happy day for Britons, who remember the anniversary of Guy Fawkes’ attack on the Houses of Parliament on the 5th November. However, the night ended in tragedy for one Cornwall based family.

Mary Fox, aged 59, was at home on the evening with her 17 year old son Raum. Her house caught fire after a firework was pushed through her letterbox; two teenage boys are currently being held in custody after being arrested on suspicion of starting the fire.

The three teenagers are from Bodmin in Cornwall, and are aged 17 and 18. Detectives have said that they found clues on the internet networking site, Facebook. It is often used as a source of information in cases like these due to its popularity amongst youngsters. It has been reported that locals posted their names online after the attack.

Mrs Fox was the mother of 9 children, most of whom had left home. She pushed her son Raum to safety through a bedroom window but was unable to save herself. He ran to neighbours for help, alerting them that his mother was still trapped inside the burning house. Some neighbours suspect that Mrs Fox was trying to save her cat. Emergency services were called immediately but the mother was already dead when they found her. Fire fighters found the remains of a firework inside the front door of the house.

Raum is said to have learning difficulties and may have suffered bullying at school; he moved to St Austell College from Bodmin College on these grounds. Officers are investigating claims that the teenagers who were throwing fireworks in the street had been bullying Raum, however there is no evidence that the family had been harassed. Mrs Fox had never filed a complaint and neighbours were unaware of any prior intimidation against the family.

Mrs Fox’s children have paid tribute to their mother, describing her as a “loving and caring” woman who devoted her life to all of her children. She was also called “eccentric”, but was very generous and put others before herself. The sons and daughters thanked the fire fighters for trying to rescue their mother; they arrived just minutes after the fire started but sadly it was too late for Mrs Fox.

The accused teenagers are being held at Launceston Police station, awaiting their interview which will take place today. Our Ladbroke Grove Escorts escorts are horrified at their careless behaviour and send their condolences to the family of Mrs Fox.