Tony Blair Book Signing Cancelled

Our former Prime Minister Tony Blair had been due to attend a book signing event in Waterstone’s store, Piccadilly. He is currently promoting his memoirs, ‘A Journey’. During his time as the country’s leader, Blair faced some difficult times, most memorably deciding to go to war in Iraq. Many still hold this against him, as British troops continue to try to keep the peace in the Middle East.

His central London visit was planned to be a high profile event, however he has been advised to cancel his appearance for fear of another hostile reaction from anti war protesters. The book signing was due to take place at the flagship store this Wednesday. A few days ago, Blair received a very bad reception at an appearance in Dublin; shoes and eggs were hurled at him, with four men being arrested at the scene for public order offences. They were also charged.

The news of this cancellation came on the same day that Blair voiced a desire to make a return to domestic politics – something which would be welcomed by some and opposed by others. Despite scrapping the plans for his Waterstone’s visit, Blair still maintains that the majority would have come with good intentions, wanting only a signed book. The reason he gave for the cancellation was because he did not wish to waste valuable police time which would be necessary due to the protesters. Although he is confident that the Metropolitan police would do a “superb job”, he did not believe a book signing to be worth these resources.

Those who had planned to attend for positive reasons can still get a signed copy of his memoirs; Blair has signed a number of Books, which will be available from Waterstone’s Piccadilly from Thursday at 9am. The book store claims that ‘A Journey’ has become their fastest ever selling autobiography. It is no surprise that Blair still has a large number of supporters, as he was elected to rule the country 3 times in a row.

Those of our London escorts who have an interest in politics will be investing in their own copies; those who have no interest will not miss the book signing that would have been! Blair has confessed that it would be “very difficult” to get back into politics, as the public’s opinion is still divided.