X Factor is Accused of Recycling Talent

With around 10 million viewers on a Saturday night, ‘The X Factor’ is a popular television choice for Brits. If our London escorts are not working, they love to tune in or catch up on one of the repeats. At the moment, it is beating ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ with viewing ratings – both are competing during this prime time spot.

This weekend saw the X Factor contestants whittled down to 24, however it has been revealed that a quarter of them have had some previous success or have been on television before. The show has been accused of simply rehashing old talent rather than seeking out new voices.

The judges have now found out which groups they will mentor for the remainder of the show; Cheryl Cole was shocked to discover that she has the boys, Danni Minogue was delighted to have the girls, Simon Cowell has a very promising crowd with the over 25s and Louis Walsh has once again been given the groups.

The ITV show say that they have made no attempt to hide the backgrounds of any of the contestants, and argue that any person over the age of 16 can apply, regardless of their background. They have said “We do not discriminate”.

Some of the faces you might recognise are:

  • Stacey McClean, who is a former member of the pop group ‘S Club Juniors’. She is now 20 years old, and previously had 3 albums and 8 singles with the band.
  • Daniel Pearce appeared in ‘Popstars: The Rivals’. This was the show which brought Cheryl Cole to fame with Girls Aloud, and the male winning group was ‘One True Voice’. Daniel made it into this band, who had 2 singles in the top 10.
  • Joseph McElderry made it to the X Factor bootcamp in 2007 but quit because he was too young. Now aged 18, he is back in the final 24.

Several other contestants have either appeared on the show before or have featured on other shows such as ‘Britain’s got Talent’. Some feel that they have an unfair advantage due to this experience, but they are still fully eligible to compete in this competition.

A battle has been running between The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing for years now, but this was the second week in a row that the ITV show has come up trumps.