Breaking World Records

Today saw the 5th annual celebration for the Guinness World Records Day, commemorating the day in 2004 when the book became the best selling copyright book in the world. The anniversary prompted over 200,000 people from all over the world to attempt wacky world record breaking activities in the hope of achieving a much coveted place in the book itself.

Battles are still going on, but already we have seen an impressive come back in Britain; 59 year old Manjit Singh is known as ‘Leicester’s Iron Man’. He broke the world record of pulling a double decker bus the furthest distance using hair! The event took place in Battersea Park, London. Only hours before, the area was packed full of screaming girls hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars of forthcoming film ‘New Moon’; the park hosted a UK Fan Party and attracted hoards of devotees.

Mr Singh’s dreams were shattered in November 2007 when he failed to break the world record for pulling a double decker bus the furthest distance using his ears! This made today’s success even more significant for him. He said he would “never be discouraged by defeat” and motivated himself by maintaining a positive attitude.

London was also feeling the love as commuters in St Pancras International took part in a one minute long hug. They broke the Guinness World Record for the most people hugging for 60 seconds, along with Norwich man Shaun Jones nabbing the title for the fastest hot water bottle bursting in 18.81 seconds.

Craig Glenday is the Editor in Chief of the Guinness Book of Records, and he described his delight that so many people participated in exciting challenges today. It wasn’t only the United Kingdom who got involved; countries all over the world took part in weird and wonderful attempts. Australia tried to gather the most people in swimwear and managed to congregate 228; unfortunately, it was not quite enough to break the record. Finland crammed the most different nationalities into a sauna, managing an impressive 76. In Italy, the record was broken for eating pasta in the fastest time – just one minute and 30 seconds. No surprise that they were the winning nation there!

In the USA, Memphis achieved the largest cheer leading dance with 297 and Texas saw the most people lassoing at one time with 23. Our Maida Vale Escorts were impressed with all of the attempts!