British Girls in Brazil Released on Bail

It has been confirmed today that the two girls arrested for fraud in Brazil are being released on bail.

Shanti Andrews and Rebecca Turner, 23, reported that they had been attacked and robbed on a bus journey, stating that £1000 worth of their possessions had been stolen. However, on Monday the British girls were arrested after the police became suspicious of their claim; the women had waited 3 days to report the robbery and maintained a very composed demeanour.

Following their fake robbery allegations, it was feared that the women would have to remain in the squalid conditions of Polinter Prison until their trial date; they will be tried for insurance fraud. The judge initially refused the request for bail as he was concerned that the girls would try to escape back to the UK. However, that decision has since been overturned after the women’s lawyer, Renato Tonini, made an appeal late last night. He released the news today from Rio de Janeiro, but said he didn’t know what time the women would be released.

Rebecca Turner and Shanti Andrews are both university graduates who studied law; they had been backpacking around Rio at the time the incident was reported. However, some of the belongings that they had claimed as stolen were found under the bed in their lodgings at Copacabana by officers in the country’s specialist tourist support unit.

The University of Sussex graduates were held in custody at a police station in the city of Rio, and then were transported to Polinter Prison, which is renowned for its squalid conditions. It is cramped and dirty, with inmates forced to sleep next to each other on the floor.

The girls’ bail conditions include their passports being confiscated; they must stay in the country until the time of their court hearing.

Simone Headley of Frant, near Tunbridge Wells in Kent, is the mother of Miss Andrews. She believes that her daughter is innocent and that the whole thing has been a misunderstanding; she hopes that the Brazilian court will take the same view point so that the girls can return home safely. The girls were originally planning to return to Britain on Monday.

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