Escort Girl Kidnapped in USA

An escort girl has managed to escape a kidnapping in Seattle after being sent to see a client who was in fact a convicted felon. 25 year old Julian Tarver has a history of criminal convictions, including arson, bomb threats and false reporting.

Tarver found the advert for an escort service on Craigslist, and phoned up the escort agency to make a booking. When the girl arrived at his apartment on 21st August, he flashed her a badge and falsely told her that he was a Police officer. This is not the first time he has impersonated a position of authority – this habit could pose a real risk to society. Pretending that it was a sting operation, the man told the escort that she would be ‘taken down’ if she tried to run away. Believing that there were back up officers outside, the escort was forced to remain inside his home.

For the following hours, Tarver spoke about his love of guns (there was an empty holster in his apartment), and tried to persuade the escort girl to have sex with him. The girl stood her ground and refused. At one point, her boss from the escort agency rang to check that everything was ok, but Tarver forced her to put the phone on loudspeaker so that he could overhear the conversation, and made the girl pretend that everything was fine.

Eventually, the kidnapper allowed the girl to leave, but made her promise to return by 1pm the following day. He followed her out to her car, stealing her wallet and ID, along with $600 and a pawn slip; he warned that if she didn’t come back, he would find her. He then phoned the escort agency again to try to book the same escort.

The woman called the Seattle police as soon as she had escaped, and a search warrant was obtained. The description of his apartment matched her statement, and her pawn slip was found. Tarver was arrested for kidnapping, extortion and criminal impersonation. He was sent to King County Jail, and is being held on bail for $500,000.

In October 2005, Tarver was jailed for 67 months; in a statement from his latest arrest, he claimed “the last time I told the truth about something I did I spent 4 years in prison” before requesting the presence of a lawyer. This felon obviously has no intention of changing his ways any time soon.