Italian Prime Minister in Escort Scandal

Blonde escort Patrizia D’Addario is making the most of her time in the spotlight after claimed relations with Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy. She allegedly slept with him at his Rome residence, Palazzo Gravioli. From the countless topless photos that have emerged of Ms D’Addario, we can see that she is a very attractive lady; it is not surprising that Berlusconi was seduced by her charms. With long golden hair, smokey eyes and a slim, toned physique, this escort knows how to catch a man’s attention; and now it would seem, she has captured the media’s attention too.

Patrizia claims that the Prime Minister uses his influence to ensnare beautiful women; apparently he would hold parties at his home for a host of attractive ladies and brag about resolving a family building project that has been put on hold due to environmental reasons. She believed his promises, and for this reason chose not to charge him for the time they spent together. Patrizia said that she felt “tricked” and “disillusioned”, disappointed that a man of power would behave in this way.

It’s not the first time that Berlusconi’s private life has been exposed; the latest story broke after audio tapes and transripts of the Prime Minister and the blonde escort emerged online. Ms D’Addario had previously been paid to attend two parties with Berlusconi so this was not their first encounter, and she gave details of their meeting last year. It has been reported that she was paid 2000 euros to attend the first party with the premiere. She was introduced by Gianpaolo Tarantini – a man who is being investigated for running an alleged prostitution ring in the city of Bari, South Italy. D’Addario was fully aware of who Tarantini was and what he did, and agreed to fly to Rome for the arranged party. Apparently, the Italian premiere requested that the escort stay the night on this occassion, but she refused stating that it was not part if the deal. Tarantini was supposedly furious and threatened to only pay half of the agreed sum.

Patrizia D’Addario had explained the sad story of how she became an escort to the Prime Minister. Her father committed suicide after the building project he was working on failed, halted for environmental reasons (as stated above). This is when Berlusconi offered to send his men to resolve the problem. However, the help that he prmised never materialised.

Ms D’Addario refused to comment on whether the Prime Minister was under the influence of alcohol, taking viagra or whether he passed comment on his body. She does mention using his mobile phone to take photos of the room where the act allegedly took place.

Silvio Berlusconi is adamant that he has never paid for sex, and clarifies that Patrizia D’Addario did not charge a single euro for sleeping with him. Though I dare say that this blonde escort has profited greatly from this situation, having sold her story to magazines such as Spain’s ‘Interviu’ for undisclosed amounts.