Man Pulls Gun on Escort

Yesterday, a man from Ohio was arrested and charged with sexual assult and kidnapping after he pulled a gun on a paid female escort.

Christopher Elmo Holbrook, aged 32, had hired the escort to visit him at ‘America’s Best Value Inn’ around 3am on Wednesday 22nd July. The girl said that she was sent from an escort agency called ‘Jodie’s Love Service’, but when she refused to have sexual intercourse with Holbrook he pulled a gun on her. The man was said to be riled because he had paid for her to be an escort, but she would not consent to sex.

After brandishing the hand gun, Holbrook allegedly forced the girl to have sex with him, and then ordered her to phone for another escort. Instead, she called the police; they arrived 4 minutes later and Holbrook was still holding the gun at this time. He dropped the weapon after a few minutes of negotiations with the police officers and was arrested. He was taken to jail and charged with second degree sexual assult and kidnapping.

Stories like this one show what a dangerous profession escorting can be. London escorts often take extra precautions when visiting clients, such as having a driver wait outside for the duration of the appointment. Luckily, most gentlemen do not behave like Holbrook but there is always a risk. The escort in question was very sensible to call the police when she did – the situation could have turned out much worse otherwise.

Over the years, there have been many instances of escorts being targeted for sexual assult and murder. Working for an escort agency rather than independenty gives you a certain amount of protection, and dangerous clients will be flagged so that no other girls can be sent to him. Unfortunately, not all girls have this reassurance so they must be aware of the client’s behaviour.

Men like Christopher Holbrook should not be allowed to hire escorts, and hopefully his conviction will teach him that this is an unacceptable way to treat women. Let’s just hope that he learns his lesson.