Miracle Baby on the Train Tracks

A baby has been born in an incredible episode that could have easily ended in tragedy.

An expecting mother, Mrs Rinku Debi Ray, was travelling on the West Bengal Tata-Chapra Express to visit her parents in Bihar. She planned to give birth to her second child here and was on the train with her husband Bhola and their 4 year old daughter. Mr Ray is a 33 year old businessman. He comes from Rourkela in West Bengal.

Feeling sharp pains in her abdomen, 28 year old Mrs Ray went to the lavatory in the hope of relieving the pain. Unexpectedly, she suddenly gave birth to her baby. The newborn child fell down the toilet, through a flap and onto the tracks beneath the speeding train.

Passengers looked on in horror as Mrs Ray fled from the lavatory and jumped off the train carriage. Assuming it was a suicide attempt, her husband pulled the emergency cord and the train came to a halt just over a mile away from where the incident had occurred.

Mr Ray and some other passengers began searching for his wife, and looked for an hour. Eventually they found her sitting by the side of the track, cradling her new born child. In an account she gave later, she described how she had jumped from the train to find her baby. Although she was injured in the fall, she managed to pick herself up and run back to where the baby had fallen.

Onlookers were astounded when they saw that both mother and baby were alive; the manager of the railway station described the baby’s survival as ” a miracle”.

Mrs Ray and her new baby were transferred to Purelia district hospital where they are both making a recovery from their traumatising incident.

The heart warming story has given hope to women all over the world, sending a message of ‘love conquers all’. Some of our Oxford Circus escorts were moved to tears when reading this remarkable story. They wish the best of luck to Mrs Ray and her family.