Pregnant Heroin Smuggler Will Serve Laos Life Sentence in UK

Samantha Orobator, a 20 year old woman from South London, was caught in Vientiane’s, Wattay airport last August smuggling over 0.6kgs of herion; way above the amount that carries the death sentence.

Today, it has been announced that Laos have spared Orobator from execution as a humantiarian gesture due to the fact that she is carrying a child. She is being returned to the UK to serve the rest of her life sentence.Had she not been pregnant, Orobator would have faced the death penalty but she is being flown back today.

The transfer happened just in time and it had been pushed for by British officials, due to the fact that Orobator is almost 36 weeks pregnant and soon it won’t be safe for her to fly internationally. After Khenthong Nuanthasing, a Laos foreign ministry spokesman, told the public of their gesture, Orobator was flown back via Bangkok.

Her mother, Jane Orobator, is said to be relieved that her daughter is coming back home to the UK. All that she wants is for the baby to be born safely here. Samantha’s local MP, Harriet Harman (who is currently sitting in as Prime Minister) is also relieved that Miss Orobator can serve her sentence in the UK.

Samantha Orobator’s case made it into the spotlight when she managed to conceive a child whilst in an all women’s prison in January 2009. John Watson, 47, is another British drug smuggler who is in prison, and he has been named as the baby’s father. However, neither of them will confirm or deny whether a sperm transfer took place in the visitors section of the jail at Phanthong prison.

Orobator moved to South London from Nigeria at the age of eight. In June 2009 she was given the life sentence, and she is the first ever British inmate to benefit from the diplomatic protocol that was signed last month.

Pregnancy and drugs are both issues that have touched the lives of London escorts in the past, but it looks like the British Justice system is coming through for its citizens.