Ricky Martin Comes Out the Closet

Ever since the Latino singer Ricky Martin shimmied onto our radars with his hit song “Livin La Vida Loca”, we have questioned his sexual preference. Hoards of women lusted after him in his fake tan and tight white trousers, but us guys always suspected that it wasn’t the ladies he was interested in… he was certainly never tempted by any of our London escorts, which is the first major give away!

The Puerto Rican star has been world famous since 1999 selling more than 60 million albums, and for more than a decade kept his fans in the dark about his private life. Although he never openly denied his homosexuality, he often turned up to glitzy events with a beautiful woman on his arm giving his female admirers hope. However, yesterday he posted a clear message on his website in both English and Spanish, well and truly coming out of the closet; he refers to himself as a “fortunate homosexual man”.

For most, this is no surprise. Martin has always had a flamboyant flair, and was one of the few celebrities who never seemed to have any romantic entanglements with female stars. Ricky Martin became a proud father to twins Matteo and Valentino last year, who were born to a surrogate mother. This was another major clue to his sexuality; there would have been thousands of women willing to bear his children had he been interested! By this point, almost everyone who knew who he was knew that he was gay.

Today, Martin has received a mixed reaction from fans and from the public; some are hugely supportive, congratulating him on the decision to make the news public. Others are completely indifferent and couldn’t care less, stating that it had been obvious for years and was hardly front page news. Although there will inevitably be some homophobic people in the world, a very small percentage of the feedback to Martin has been negative. People are much more accepting these days and being homosexual is not as taboo as it once was. There is a very large gay community in London, and although they are sadly still subject to occasional hate crimes, the tolerance is being supported by public figures, celebrities and politicians.

So many celebrities have publicly come out about their sexuality over the last decade; some homosexual stars shout it loud and proud such as Graham Norton and Alan Carr, whereas others attempt to keep it a secret to further their careers, such as the late Stephen Gately in the early days of Boyzone.