Seven Dead From Suicide Bomb in Kabul

Five days before Afghanistan’s Presidential Elections, a suicide car bomb has gone off at the NATO Head Quarters in the country’s capital. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the explosion that left seven people dead and many more injured.

The explosion occurred this morning outside the main gates of NATO’s Head Quarters. It is thought that almost 100 people have suffered injuries from the bomb, as well as the seven fatalities confirmed by the Afghan Defence Ministry. This is the first major attack in Kabul since February this year, when the Taliban took 20 lives from targeting three government buildings at the same time.

It is understood that the suicide bomber managed to evade three different police check points to reach his position 30 yards away from the military base, which is also close to the Presidential Palace and the US Embassy. The incident occurred around 8.30am this morning, local time in the Wazir Akbar Khan district.

The blast shook buildings and shattered windows around the area, which is home to many major organisations and foreign embassies. Awa Alam Nuristani was among the injured and has been taken to hospital to be treated; he is a member of Parliament and also the campaign manager for women for President Hamid Karzai.

It has been confirmed by Brigadier General Eric Tremblay that both civilians and soldiers have been killed; he was unable to confirm exact numbers. He is the spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force led by NATO.

The President has condemned the attack, which is intended to deter local people from voting in the forthcoming elections; the Taliban has also warned that they plan to disrupt the election process.

London escorts who have friends and family in Afghanistan are fearful for the next week’s events, but we all hope that the residents will be able to cast their vote in safety.