Storms Devastate Europe

We’re used to hearing about storms, hurricanes and tsunamis devastating countries on the other side of the world; as tragic as it is, it’s so far away that it rarely affects our lives. However, this week the forces of mother nature are hitting much closer to home, ripping through parts of France, Spain and Portugal.

Some of our London escorts come from these European countries, and still have homes, friends and family in their native lands. They have been gripped with panic as the horrendous storms have caused multiple deaths and washed away houses; it is the worst storm that France has seen for more than 10 years. It is now calling for emergency aid from the European Union as so many have been left homeless.

At the moment, the death toll stands at 47 in France with hundreds more people injured. The Western part of the country has seen the worst damage, with hurricanes blowing down buildings and towns submerged in water from floods. Bringing back memories from the floods in the North of the United Kingdom last year, many residents found safety on the roofs of their houses. However this time, many more lives have been lost. The total number of deaths across Europe caused by the storm is currently 58, but this figure may continue to rise. One 53 year old woman has died in North Yorkshire after her car was submerged in the floods, however most of Britain has been spared the worst of the weather.

The storm is named Xynthia; when they reach this large destructive scale, they are often identified by a female name going in alphabetical order. This has now been declared a “national disaster” by the French Prime Minister, Francois Fillon. Xynthia is now moving inland towards neighbouring countries Germany and Belgium. The President Nicolas Sarkozy will be paying a visit to the worst hit areas and he has already given his condolences to the friends and family of those whose lives were taken.

Some tragic stories of the victims have already emerged; a young boy in Portugal was killed by a falling tree as he waited to go into church; he was just 10 years old. An 82 year old woman died in Spain after a wall collapsed, and joggers and motorists have been hit by falling trees in Germany. Wind speeds reached 87mph, and the hurricane is accompanied by torrential rain.