Tiger Woods Speaks Out About Car Crash

Tiger Woods is an international sports star who has captured the eye of some of our West Kensington Escorts with his talent and good looks. Three days after a car crash outside the home of the World Class Golfer, he has claimed responsibility. However, he has not yet spoken to police about the incident.

The golf star posted a statement on his website, and praised the bravery of his wife Elin Nordegren. When she saw that he was hurt in the accident outside their home in Isleworth, Orlando, she rushed to help him.

Tiger Woods was driving a Cadillac Escalade at the time of the incident. In his online statement, the 33 year old confessed that the accident was completely his own fault and had caused embarrassment to his family. Mr Woods was prompted to make this statement when malicious rumours began to circulate about his family’s involvement; he has defended his wife Elin and ensured that everyone knows he is solely responsible.

A neighbour made the call to emergency services after the golfer crashed his car into a fire hydrant outside his home. Police have now released a recording of the call. It reveals that Tiger Woods was lying in the road unconscious, and a woman’s voice was heard in the background. The caller was evidently shaken and did not identify the star. Eventually, the poor phone connection was lost.

Officers from the FHP (Florida Highway Patrol) have been trying to speak to the star for the past three days to question him about the meeting, but Mr Woods has cancelled the meetings without rescheduling. Since he was found half conscious with injuries to his face, the golfer has avoided interrogation. The crash, which is thought to have been low speed, remains under investigation.

During the incident. Tiger Woods first hit a fire hydrant with his Cadillac then swerved into a tree in a neighbour’s garden. When the authorities found him, he was being attended to by his wife in the road. She is said to have used a golf club to smash the back window of the car in order to pull her husband out if the vehicle. They have confirmed that no alcohol was involved. Mrs Nordegren was inside the house when the accident happened, and came outside when she heard the crash.

In a joint statement released by the police and the Health Central Hospital, it has been revealed that he was treated there and released in good condition.