Train Tragedy in Spain, 12 Dead

Castelldefels in Spain saw a horrific tragedy yesterday as 12 young people were killed by an express train. It’s the worst train accident to happen there since 2003. On the summer solstice, a group of young people were on their way to the San Juan midsummer festival, which takes place every year on the longest day. Everyone on board the train had been in high spirits, looking forward to dancing around a bonfire on the beach.

The train had dropped off revellers in the North Eastern seaside town, but according to reports the underpass was jammed full of people. A group decided to cross the tracks instead to get out of the station more quickly – one claimed that the underpass had been closed but an official denied this report. Mostly South American immigrants, the victims were mostly youths apart from one woman in her 40s. A train came at high speed from the opposite direction, but by the time its whistle blew it was too late; it ploughed straight into the people, killing 12 and severely injuring several others. The excited shouts turned into horrified screams, and people on the platform were heard calling out to their friends and relatives who had been hit.

Survivors described the devastating scene, with body parts strewn across the track and blood spattered on the platform. One 16 year old boy was helped by the chef at the train station, who rushed to wash other people’s blood off him and gave him a phone to call his mother. Onlookers were visibly shocked and shaken. Three people are in a critical condition and were rushed to hospital immediately, and another 14 were injured.

The train driver was tested for alcohol but was found to be clean, and it is not thought that the speed limit was broken. He is in a state of shock – it is unknown whether he will be fit to return to his job or not after this sad accident.

Our Spanish escorts were very sorry to hear the news about this tragic event on their native land, and are sad for the friends and families of those killed. Hopefully this will be a lesson to anyone who chooses to risk their life by crossing the tracks; it is never safe, even if you can’t see or hear anything coming.