TV Star confesses to her Secret Life as an Escort

This is not the first time that the TV programme ‘There’s Something About Miriam’ has been a hot topic in the news. Drawing in viewers worldwide when it was aired, the reality show had 6 men competing for Miriam’s affections and a prize of £10,000. The 28 year old beauty shocked everyone in the final episode when she revealed the truth – that she was in fact born a man.

Miriam is said to be one of the most beautiful transsexuals in the world; you would never guess that she was not a woman. None of the 6 contestants had a clue, and they even went on to sue the show for personal injury! We suspect it was their pride that was injured most, as the cult 2004 programme had allowed millions to watch her dupe these men.

Born in Mexico, the Latin ‘lady’ hit headlines again by confessing another secret: that she is working in west London as a high class escort! She accepts incalls from gentlemen for £300 per hour in the Knightsbridge and South Kensington areas; as a pre-op transsexual, she has expressed her surprise at how many high profile men pay her visits by appointment. She claims that singers, actors and wealthy businessmen all want to find out what it would be like to have sex with a transsexual.

Miriam used to work as a glamour model, and uses her fame from the reality TV programme to pull in more bookings. Her online profile boasts that she will provide you with the “best possible experience” and says that this is your “opportunity”. She’s also not shy about telling the world that she offers a full service – anything you want.

The transsexual model started escorting after racking up huge hospital bills; in an incident where she tried to escape from a burglar in her New York flat. She fell from a window 4 floors up and suffered grave injuries.

As a matter of security, Miriam screens all of her calls and does not accept private or restricted numbers; inviting men into her home could leave her vulnerable to attack. She is obviously keen to stay in the spotlight as she has told her story of life as an escort to tabloid newspapers – now we’re just wondering what she will do to surprise us next!