Nina and i

It had always been my dream to come to work and live in London. It occurred to me that it was the best time to leave home in East Europe to come to explore this big city when I turned 18 two years ago. Although my English wasn’t fluent, I found a job pretty much straight away. My first job in London was working in a luxurious lingerie shop that served rich housewives and the occasional rich men. It was there I met Nina, an escort, and that was how I landed on this job working for the London Escorts.

Nina was a regular customer in the lingerie store, always buying the sexiest lace bras and thongs. I noticed her the first time she came into the shop, she greeted warmly with the store manager with a beautiful smile. Her makeup was immaculate and her tight red dress showed off her cleavage and tiny waist. She was so warm and friendly and we became friends almost instantly. In the following 6 months, Nina would come to the store and I would go on coffee breaks with her and chatted about life and work. I learnt a lot about London from her. One day to my surprise, she asked me if I would consider working as an escort at her agency. Before then I had never imagined myself ‘qualified’ to be an escort girl despite the fact that I had beautiful long legs, voluptuous breasts and a very pretty face. I guess the thought had never come across my mind. Nina ran her fingers over my face to feel my skin and then she moved her hand down to my breasts before she grab onto one to be sure that they were full and real. I was a little shocked, but was relieved when Nina assured me that most clients would love my sweet smile and my girlie looks. Plus I had the natural beauty of 34dd breasts and a perky round bottom. I had a few relationships and flings since I moved to London, but nothing serious or to write home about. I was single, free, young, and feeling adventurous, so I joined London Escorts.

My first meeting was very memorable. I was very nervous and wanted to be sure that I met the standards and expectations of being a high quality escort. The client had asked for two girls so Nina being the experienced top quality escort, decided to take me along with her. It was quite comforting to know that she was going to be there as I could learn a lot from her. Our client was a successful surgeon who just had a long day of surgery and needed to unwind with our top quality escort services. He had stood in surgery for over 12 hours and was looking exhausted when we arrived in naughty nurse outfits. Nina made us some martinis when I and the client chatted. I massaged his legs on my lap while Nina gave us a striptease performance. The atmosphere in the room all of a sudden got quite heated and so I took off my clothes and joined Nina in the dance. I could feel her breasts against mine and they were so beautiful and soft. After the dance Nina went into the bathroom to run a bubble bath while she told me to undress the client. I was delighted to uncover a big hard erection when I took off his pants and was feeling a sense of excitement in my tummy. The bath was so warm and slippery. Nina gave him a back massage first while I fed him strawberries and champagne. Then he started sucking on Nina’s nipples while I watched in anticipation. I joined in and started kissing her until I felt the surgeon’s tongue on my neck. Nina rubbed him all over with a soft sponge while he and I shared wet and passionate kisses. I moaned as he dove his hand under the water and slid between my legs to find my soft spot. I had never found myself so excited before, I moved on top of him and took him in at once. We came together in the bath while he buried his face into my breasts.

I had been working for London Escorts since then. Occasionally I would work with Nina again when we would dress in costumes requested by the clients. I had never imagined myself being an escort in London, but it had been an accelerating experience.