North Korean Escorts

North Korea is a country located in East Asia. There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the country, and it has been accused by several human rights groups as having one of the worst human rights levels in the world. There are strict policies concerning pretty much everything, and a personality cult focusing on the ‘eternal president’ Kim Il-Sung and his son, the current leader, Kim Jong-Il.

Despite these negative aspects, the escorts from North Korea are still overflowing with charm and flirtatiousness, and their increasing number in the UK has been met with praise. Few escorts are as passionate about their services as the escorts North Korea offers, and this has gained them a positive reputation as well as a dedicated following of loyal clients who return to these girls time and again for satisfaction. Many who have always wanted to visit North Korea, perhaps to see if all the statistics and rumours are true, but have never had the time or money, will find that spending a night with one of these girls is actually a superior experience to visiting the country. These girls embody all the best parts of the country without bringing over any of the dictatorship or personality cult ethics.

It is not just those interested in North Korea who gravitate towards these girls and the services they offer. Many who consider themselves escort connoisseurs will specifically seek out North Korean escorts knowing that their passionate dedication to the satisfaction of their clients will ensure them a thoroughly enjoyable time together. They might even come away with a newfound interest in a country that can produce escorts that are as exquisite as these girls are.

Many fellow North Koreans living in the UK will also seek out a North Korean escort for her services. Perhaps they have moved to the UK to escape having to submit to Kim Jong-Il’s reign, but whatever the reason, they will never be able to fully fend off feelings of homesickness which will inevitably arise. Spending a night with an escort North Korea offers is the most effective method of dispelling any feelings of homesickness, and has many other perks besides. Client and escort might spend a little time sharing memories, but the escort will certainly find other ways of keeping her client entertained for hours.