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Valentine’s Day is Almost Here! Quick, Grab A Valentine’s Escort! - 2013 February 07

With Christmas out of the way and Easter not hitting us until April, we need to find something to occupy us until this time. Unfortunately, the next holiday/festive season/thing to buy a card for on our radar, we believe, is Valentine’s Day. For those of us not in a relationship, this day can be particularly hard to take. But we’re confident that if you start Valentine’s as a single, you’ll end it the same way. However, with the pressure on couples (by this we mean the men) to get the right gift and put in the required effort to show their loved one that they buy into this purely manufactured holiday, you might not end the day in the same relationship status that you started it in if you get it wrong. Whilst we don’t think you shouldn’t avoid doing something because you’re scared of failing (we may have taken this from a film so please don’t judge us), but it seems this is the time of year that you should be grateful for being single. For only having to answer to yourself. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should spend it alone, however.

Buying a New Car - 2012 September 04

Here at the V office, we’re wondering what gifts we would buy for ourselves if we were given the chance. Obviously the first thing you think of is a holiday, but then that only happens once in a blue moon (when we can afford it) and although it’s incredible, in today’s uncertain economic climate. However, you can find so many cheap, last-minute deals that we think this would be a bit of a waste of money and not something we deem an economically-sound idea, given that we have been handed the luxury of freedom. The next thing on our list, is definitely a house. But with being tied down to one particular district of the city, not able to give a month’s notice before moving across town, instead spending weeks waiting for the house to be sold etc. we have come up with the solution. And that solution is most certainly a car.

A Weekend Away - 2012 March 02

We know taking holidays can be a little be costly, but we all deserve a break. The prices of foreign holidays can be quite extortionate, so it’s little wonder that many people opt to stay in the UK. When it comes down to it, holidays are a great way of switching off and escaping from your routine. When all is said and done a holiday is a holiday, a break from your everyday life. All of us, including the escorts London has to offer, have a preference of where we head to on our holidays. Many of us choosing to head to Gatwick or Heathrow and jet off abroad, rather than stay in England. However, there is nothing wrong with looking for somewhere to stay within the UK.

Jet Off Abroad - 2012 January 27

Weekends can be a bit dull and dreary and sometimes you just wish you can get away for a few days and escape. Well, with it being the end of the month, why not spoil yourself? You have a full bank balance, after the necessary bills and rent payments have been accounted for, to spend a little on yourself. By the end of January, some of us will be feeling a little forlorn and stressed from the past weeks of money and work worries. It may not be wise to spend a great deal jetting to a foreign land in search of a bit of respite, but with websites dedicated to the last minute flier and budget airlines, it is likely that you’ll find yourself a good deal.

Christmas Holiday Hot-Spots - 2011 December 07

Planning on going away this festive season? Well, you’re not alone. It has been reported that a whopping 3.5 million people choose to jet abroad at Christmas in search for either sunnier skies or ski slopes. Popular sunshine destinations include the Canary Islands, Egypt and Dubai swapping warmer attire for a bottle of sunscreen.

Weird and Wonderful London - 2011 August 31

With so many people enjoying the various entertainment that London has to offer, it is not surprising that many businesses are coming up with new inventive ways for us to spend an evening. As most of us working men spend the week looking forward to the weekend, we are becoming more and more choosy as to where we spend our days off.

Fancy a Romantic Trip to Paris? - 2011 August 22

With summer at its peak, there has never been a better time to explore the wonders of Europe. One of the easiest option available to us Londoners, is a weekend away in beautiful Paris, which has long been dubbed the ‘most romantic city in the world.’ However, it is not just the beautiful city that attracts millions of tourists every year, but the reputation of beautiful French women.

Cheat Your Way to a Six Pack - 2011 July 20

This summer has seen toned babes in slinky bikinis, hitting beaches all over Britain. A lot of women seem to work hard at staying fit, London escorts are a prime example of girls who take great pride in their appearance. Us men however, are often less enthusiastic about the thought of counting calories or hitting the gym every evening. However, there are some small things that we can do to help us create the beach body that will win over all the stunners. So, if you want to have a body you can be proud of, follow the small steps below, and get in the right lane towards creating the physique you have always dreamed of!

Surviving Festivals - 2011 June 09

It's finally summer, and this week the rain is softening the ground and stirring up the mud - just in time for you to take your thin, ropey tent along to a festival. The same thing happens every year; you're all revved up to go to Glastonbury, V or Reading festival, or perhaps to a match at Wimbledon, then you end up cold, wet and smelling a bit like an old dog.

Breaks Around Britain - 2011 May 23

With everyone's purse strings still firmly tightened, you might not have the spare cash to go abroad on holiday this year. However, the British Isles have loads of alternatives that are more appealing than having a caravan on the coast. Here are a few things that our escort girls have tried in the past and enjoyed immensely; see if any of these British holidays float your boat. It might even inspire you to whisk a beautiful £110 escort away for the weekend!

Travelling The World - 2011 March 31

Everybody gets this at some point in their lives. That desire to uproot, travel the world and see the sights. Explore the orient or get a taste of the outback, backpack around Europe or laze on a hot Caribbean beach. The question is, when do you take that daunting career break, and who do you go with?

Is it Time for a Holiday? - 2011 March 23

Are you feeling a little tired and run down from all the pressure from work? Perhaps it’s time to have a little break. Here are some tips for holiday destinations, whether you’re planning to go alone, with your other half, or taking a beautiful `London escort <>`_ with you. In places like these, you're guaranteed to have a good time.

An Escort for Valentine’s Day - 2011 February 14

Depending on whether or not you’re in a happy relationship, Valentine’s Day can either be a sweet delight or just plain annoying. For those smug couples who love public displays of affection, today will be a flurry of flowers, chocolates and cuddly bears proclaiming ‘I love you’.

The Great Depression - 2011 January 17

Today, January 17th 2011, is said to be the most depressing day of the year. It tends to fall on the third Monday of this month each year, as the thrills of Christmas and New Year completely wear off and leave us with the grim reality of grey skies and looming bills. Unbelievably, a whopping 70% of Brits have already broken their New Year’s Resolutions, less than three weeks into the new year! It’s no wonder we’re all feeling a bit down in the dumps.

What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions? - 2011 January 04

It always starts with good intentions. We know that Christmas is a time for over-indulging: eating too much chocolate, drinking too much booze, spending too much money. This often carries on until New Year’s Eve (after being dragged to the Boxing Day sales), but it all comes to an end on January 1st of each new year. People around the UK make New Year’s Resolutions, making a promise to themselves to start afresh and stick to their goals.

What She’d Love for Christmas - 2010 December 15

If you haven’t already bought a Christmas present for that special someone, you’d better get cracking - there are only 10 days to go! Your other half is probably the most important person you need to buy a gift for, so you’ll want to get it right. So many men end up with grumpy wives and girlfriends because they’ve got it all wrong; take our advice and ensure yourself a very merry Christmas.

Your Guide to Christmas Shopping - 2010 December 06

Christmas shopping is much more daunting than any other kind; you already know that the main shopping districts will be packed with over-eager consumers, barging and elbowing their way to the best gifts and bargains. The shelves are lined with thousands of products, and you have no idea where to start. You put it off until next week, then the week after, desperate to avoid the madness. Then before you know it, it’s Christmas Eve and you haven’t bought a thing! There are ways you can avoid the stress, and make the whole process much less of a big deal. Follow these tips and it will be a breeze!

Life Skills for Men - 2010 November 23

In this modern age of technology and gadgets, it’s no wonder that some good old fashioned, practical skills have been lost. The modern man spends his days in front of a computer screen, on his iphone, listening to digital downloads and watching HD television. There are some things that you should always know how to do -- life skills that will be called into use at some point or another. You can use these to impress girls like our London escorts, to teach your kids and to save face when a simple task falls to you!

The First Signs of Christmas - 2010 November 17

Have you noticed the little signs of Christmas starting to pop up around London? Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, chances are you’ve probably seen at least one festive thing! The main shopping districts like Oxford Circus are now adorned with sparkling Christmas lights, encouraging shoppers to spend their cash on lavish presents!

Hot Halloween Ideas - 2010 October 28

Girls look amazing when they’re wearing a fancy dress costume. They have a knack for getting just the right balance of authenticity and sluttiness - a real treat for the eyes! Have you seen our escorts in outfits? You’ll barely be able to contain yourself. With Halloween coming up this weekend, there will be hundreds of gorgeous girls dressed up in London. Even if you’re not planning to go to a fancy dress party, all you need to do is step outside your front door to see sexy witches, black cats and naughty nurses!

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