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It’s Time to Throw on the Summer Threads - 2013 April 25

Gone are the days when we need to shove on the huge parka that has been hanging around our coat cupboard for long, and trade it in for a short-sleeved tee. The fashions of spring are not only more exciting, but often more daring. The hemlines get shorter on the ladies from the very best London escort agencies, and the sun allows us to relax just that little bit longer in the beer garden.

Burberry’s Coming Home - 2013 March 14

A new pope has been elected as head of the Catholic church and whilst the majority of the V office may not be religious, it's still surely a topic worth discussing? Not when there are plenty of escorts in London to discuss! But in all seriousness, the story on our radar has to be Burberry moving its menswear from Milan to our capital city. Well, that does involve us more than the pope story.

Are You Looking After Yourself Properly? - 2013 February 20

The standards of one's grooming should never slip, despite the time of year. But many of us, the V London staff included, seem to think of winter as an excuse that allows us to sleep out of skin care routines. Whilst this may seem like a good idea in the long run, not moisturising before bed meant you were able to get three minutes extra sleep, you're paying for it now with that dry skin. Don't panic! You've got time before your meet with the London escorts.

Has London Fashion Week Lost Its Style? - 2013 February 18

What it is about the onset of London Fashion Week that makes everyone believe that they're the next Annie Leibovitz or Anna Wintour? Whatever it is, it can be totally overwhelming and have the complete opposite effect that the escorts in London have on us. After all, we are one of the most respected of the London escort agencies, so it's not uncommon for us to be so clued up on the industry of companionship. But when it comes to the fashion industry, it's surely best to leave it up to the professionals?

Ski-Licious - 2013 January 30

So it’s that time of year when Christmas is over, summer seems a long way away, and you’re not really sure what you’ve got to look forward to. With the weather getting ever so more mild, it makes sense that you head somewhere perhaps a bit colder to really get the most out of your thermals that you have purchased this season. Of course, it’s not really necessary to have an incredibly restful holiday, given that you’ve probably spent the last month and a bit gorging on plenty of snacks, drinking until you pass out and avoiding the gym like the plague. Now it’s time to get active! So why not head off on a lovely skiing holiday? Grab a couple of pals and hit the slopes. Just make sure you’re decked out in the best gear - it’s the ideal way to attract the attention of the gorgeous girls that will not doubt be skiing down the beautiful mountains.

You Need a New Timepiece to be on Time - 2013 January 11

Living in a city as fast-paced as London, it’s not always easy to ensure you’re on time, especially when there are contributing factors that are out of your control. For example, a late-running train, there isn’t really anything you can do about that. It’s the same with tubes and other modes of transport, not to mention unforeseen circumstances. We know that you can only plan for so much, and you cannot plan for the unexpected, but we are firm believers in the mantra ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. If you haven’t put the right preparations into motion, you’ve not chance at being ready for whatever life has to throw at you, and that includes a trespasser on the Northern line tracks, rendering the commute to work absolutely destroyed. Eliminating tardiness from your life isn’t an impossible undertaking, but it is certainly harder for some than others. There are those that just know exactly how to always be on time, it’s almost like they were born with a Filofax in their hand.

The Gloves Are On. And Scarves. And Coats. - 2012 October 23

So it’s that time of year (probably the second most-used phrase on these blogs after ‘uncertain economic times) when we need to start dressing a bit warmer. We can feel the chill factor, and so our cupboards become fuller as our clothing thickness increases. Of course the temperature inside remains of a comfortable temperature so we don’t necessarily need to wear incredibly thick trousers. Because if we do, we start to perspire the second we walk into a shop, restaurant or even train. You can almost time the change of seasons with the turning on of the radiators on trains. But beware because you might end up with smoked salmon becoming rather more smoked than intended. And especially if you’ve gone for a cheaper boot, i.e. plastic rather than leather, you can expect your leg to get uncategorically moist.

I Heard You’re In The Market For Some New Wheels? - 2012 October 08

Hello, how are you? I do help that you’re well. It’s been awhile since we last spoke, but I hear you are looking for a new car? A man about town, it’s paramount to me to have a good set of wheels to whizz about in. It’s common knowledge that the speed of traffic in the centre of town is around twelve miles per hour. So whilst they may be good in the country, Land Rovers, Ferraris and other monstrous trucks are just not necessary when you’re winding around the capital. It can also provoke the wrong reaction in people. Too often you’ll see a gentleman standing next to a sports car, and the number of people who wander past whilst muttering ‘compensating for something...’ under their breath is astonishing. And certainly not the first thing you want your companion to meet when you finally see each other.

Current Casual Attire - 2012 April 20

It’s all about the denim, well at the moment it is. Women’s fashions are changeable, like the weather (especially right now). However, when it comes to mens clothing, there is little in the way of choice. Every now and then you might come across a new item that has hit the retail market, waiting to be snapped up. Many men will stick to a safe bet when out shopping, opting for a new pair of jeans, trainers or tie to go with their office suit. But, how do men know what to buy when it comes to making real fashion choices?

Dapperly Dressed - 2012 March 21

It’s not just an A-list actor or a spotty sixteen year old that requires a tuxedo. You may be thinking, why would I need to own a tailor-made tux, but you’d be surprised just how many occasions that a skillfully constructed suit will come in useful. You can thank us later, once you’ve read the rest, but just know - it’ a good investment.

Gent about Town - 2012 March 05

This weekend saw the heavens royally open. The torrential down pour may have been greeted with dismay by many, but the break in humidity was needed. We all know that Spring brings showers, and with March breaking us in with a heavy drizzle, we should make sure we’re prepared.

Confidently Courteous: The Perfect Gent - 2012 February 24

They say confidence is key. In all aspects of life, it is better to be quietly confident than self-deprecating and overly obnoxious. This includes jobs and the work place, friendships and everyday life. Especially when it comes to spending time in the company of a the female sex. Women enjoy charming and self-assured men, those who are proud of who they are. The escorts London agency like V have to offer are no different. They prefer men to have some self-confidence and be certain about themselves. This is not to be confused, however, with a cocky arrogance. This is quite a turn-off. It is essential that you understand what the right balance is between relaxed self-confidence and an overbearing fool.

Perfect Your Appearance - 2011 December 12

The rise of male grooming has sparked discussions over the last few years. Metro-male or Alpha-male? There is neither a preference for one or the other. All women prefer guy’s to look after themselves, especially London escorts. Showered, clean, fresh and fairly groomed. A guy that knows how to save a damsel in distress whilst still looking good is a winner in most women's books. Some people believe that this metro-sexual male boom is ridiculous. Clearing stating they like their men to be men and not over-preen. It is disappointing to conclude that some women are not open to men wishing to make-better of their appearance, even though to them it is perfectly acceptable. Having said this, reports indicate that the male grooming industry is worth an estimated £16 billion a year and is set to rise.

Keep Warm this Winter - 2011 December 05

Now the weather has turned bitterly cold, with the odd sporadic bursts of sunshine, the question is: how do I keep warm whilst still looking cool? Everyone should own a warm winter coat already, but it’s what to accessorise it with that may leave you stumped? The idea of winter accessories is they are both practical whilst still remaining stylish. Some may argue that practical can’t be stylish but with trends on the high-street championing winter extras you can definitely still look good. There is no excuse. These days accessories aren’t there for the simple fact of keeping you warm they are fashionable items too.

To Wax or Not to Wax... - 2011 November 23

Some people find the subject of male waxing a little bit awkward. However, the amount of men choosing to incorporate a wax into their usual grooming treatment is fast increasing. Long gone are the days when only body builders chose to remove unwanted hair. Now there are a wide range of popular treatments available, including back waxing and the famous back sac and crack. Many gentlemen are now opting to book a wax treatment - sometimes to please their partner, or in preparation for a hot date with a London escort.

A Guide to Male Skincare - 2011 November 16

Winter may be great for a lot of things: snowboarding, skiing, snowball fights, or cosying up by the fire with a beautiful London escort - but one thing it does play havoc on is our skin! It has long been common knowledge that cold weather has detrimental effects on skin, as does strong wind and indoor heating - which all contribute to a loss of moisture in our skin. Therefore, it is important for the modern men amongst us to take certain steps to help protect our skin during this cold period of weather.

How to Bag Yourself a Model - 2011 November 07

Many of us dream of dating a beautiful model - and for most of us this dream remains fully in the realms of fantasy. However, there are actually many ways to make this a reality. Below, I have shared some great tips on how to bag yourself a model, many of which have come directly from the stunning ladies themselves. So, read on and try out the tips on the next best thing - one of our stunning V London escorts. Before long, the clever ones amongst you will be wining and dining your very own gorgeous supermodel.

Tips to Impress the Ladies - 2011 October 18

Every bloke has a different idea on how to work the charm when it comes to the ladies. We also all know someone who reckons he knows it all - and claims to have women at his beck and call. However, in reality winning over the ladies is never that simple. Like us, ladies have different tastes - and sometimes we just aren’t what they are looking for. Saying this, there are definitely a few bases we can cover to give us the best possible chance when it comes to impressing the female sex.

Foods to Make us Handsome - 2011 October 05

Many of us believe that women have it easy when it comes to looking good. After all, we are unable to cover up our external flaws, whereas they have the miracle of makeup to hide any faults. They also seem to find it a lot easier when it comes to fashion - often dressing to impress with figure hugging dresses which emphasise their curves, and high heels to elongate their legs. Whereas, us men tend to stick to comfort - a jeans and t-shirt combo is often as far as we go when it comes to style.

Weird and Wonderful London - 2011 August 31

With so many people enjoying the various entertainment that London has to offer, it is not surprising that many businesses are coming up with new inventive ways for us to spend an evening. As most of us working men spend the week looking forward to the weekend, we are becoming more and more choosy as to where we spend our days off.

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