Burberry’s Coming Home

As word reaches us that a new pope has been selected to represent the head of the Catholic faith, we are much more concerned with other man things that are happening in the country of Italy. Whilst we aren’t religious ourselves, we hear that Christianity is quite a popular following so feel that perhaps we should touch down upon it. But because we aren’t that experienced in the word of God, we thought we might stick more to the things we know most about. That, without doubt, is style. Fashion. Clobber. Threads. Whatever you wish to call it, the material you drape over your body and call clothes. Now THIS interests us greatly. And when it involves a British label, well we love it all that more. After a decade of being in Milan, Burberry has recently announced it is bringing its menswear show back to London, one of the fashion capital’s of the world.

Knowing What a Man Wants

On the 18th June, Christopher Bailey will be showing the men’s line, Prorsum. Describing the city as ‘the creative heart of Burberry and our global headquarters... we are incredibly excited to be showing our next men’s collection here’, Bailey is the label’s chief creative officer, and his talent and flair for men’s fashion is evident in every piece of clothing he designs. He has the edge, the insight and the experience to really know how to not only create what men want, but what they don’t know they want until they are presented with it. This is surely the mark of a fabulous designer. With so much heritage surrounding the brand, it’s a massive coup to the British fashion community to have this icon back home, where it belongs. And after the amazing show that was London Fashion Week, it’s nice to give the men some air time.

Something to Aspire to

Now, not everybody can afford Burberry. In fact, we might even go so far as to say few can, but it’s something amazing to aspire to. Whilst we offer all the companions, regardless of nationality, aesthetics or ethnicity, at the same price, that’s not to say we don’t provide our clients with something to aim for. The amazing financial offers we have for the gentleman who indulge in our services is because we like to ensure as many men as possible can have the experience of a lifetime. And this is a guarantee when time is spent with any girl, a brunette escort, for example. They know just what a man wants, just like Bailey. And they aren’t ever afraid to show their gratitude to their client.