Has London Fashion Week Lost Its Style?

So we are well underway with London Fashion Week , and we have to be honest that we are very much avoiding all social media outlets of late because our feeds are just being overloaded with blurry photos, amateur reviews and badly dressed wannabes. If we wanted to be involved with this, we would have headed to Aunt Geraldine’s 70th birthday and heard her and her posse to bring up their issues, and that just won’t fly. Back to avoiding Twitter, however. We know that having the fashion week in our capital makes it so incredibly accessible that more people than ever can ‘participate’. The great thing about democracy is that we don’t all have to like the same thing, and we don’t all have to pretend to like the same things because, let’s be honest, some of the outfits that are coming down the catwalk, Lord have mercy! Are there no edits when it comes to the world of fashion? Do they think that just by wrapping up a well-known model in certain things will make it automatically in vogue? Because it doesn’t and it won’t. We like freedom of speech, and we like the individuality and the creativeness when it comes to fashion, but some are just downright appalling. The leather skirts, the mohair cravats; and that’s just the men’s! Who knew that male dressing would take such an edgy turn. Whilst we always like to look our best, and always have a little something to spice up an otherwise dull outfit, we do have to admit to erring on the side of caution. A bright neon sock with a leather loafer is all that is required, today.

What’s Hotter? London Fashion Week or London Escorts?

But if you’re looking to keep it fresh, it never hurts to spice up your wardrobe with a few more bits to really enhance any outfit. This doesn’t mean that every season you have to drop a bomb for a handful of on trend suits. If you buy right, your suits should be wearable for whatever occasion. There are some that are just amazing staples that are always handy to have in your wardrobe, ready when you are. This should be a black suit, a navy suit and perhaps a checkered blazer. Before you immediately think Johnny Rotten in the country life ads, we do urge you to keep an open mind. Just because you say black jumpsuit, you don’t automatically think of Daft Punk. Though you might, we suppose. Either way, just a quick description won’t conjure up the same image or thought in everyone, very much like any of the stunning escorts that fill our galleries. Many people will have already made up their mind about this line of work, and we urge these people to perhaps keep an open-mind about certain things involving this. Which we know you do, or else you wouldn’t be here. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to avoid all things LFW related. We hear this is an actual trend now.